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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 4, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Getzlaf Todd Marchant was the OT hero yesterday ending a marathon game #2 with a Ducks win but we were more interested in the game Ryan Getzlaf had as he added three more points to his league leading playoff totals (13 points) and that gives him points in six straight games.

Getzlaf's buddy Corey Perry had two assists yesterday and also has a little streak going with points in five straight games.  You'd be wise to keep CP near the top of your draft list next season as his goals, points, PIMs and shots have all steadily increased in each of his first four seasons.

Johan Franzen is on a pretty similar ride to Corey Perry as he has a goal in three straight and points in six straight during the playoffs.  Also like Perry, Franz has steadily increased his points and shots in each of his first four seasons but we're a little more skeptical with this dude since he has proven to be pretty fragile... in addition to the fact that only racks up about half as many PIMs as Perry does. 

Ward Cam Ward stole another game for Carolina last night with a 36 save shutout to even the series at one.  Wardo has been great in the playoffs with his only hiccups being the opening games of both series.  Where Ward goes in your draft next year is going to be very interesting as he's earned the label of not being the most consistent goalie but he's coming off his best statistical season, was one of the top goalies in the league in the 2nd half and has continued that into the playoffs.

Eric Staal had a two point night (including an ENG) and although he's on a hot streak right now with 12 goals in his last 14 games (going back to the regular season) he's only managed four shots in the first two games of this series and so it appears that the Bruins are being successful in limiting his chances.

Chad LaRose continues to impress with another point yesterday and he had a nice goal taken away from him by a shoddy video review crew that didn't have the stones to overturn the referee's decision.  We're not of the mind that LaRose can keep this play up over a full season but he will be an interesting specimen come draft day next season as he has had some success in junior and the AHL.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Salo As we mentioned yesterday, Sami Salo didn't make the trip to Chicago with his teammates although the team left the door open that he could still see some action in games 3 & 4.... we'd doubt it though as this guy has a real knack for pulling up lame at the first sign of a boo-boo.  

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  So read this story this morning that some dude named Bill Waters (not the former Leafs assistant GM) from Tulsa thinks he found an old recipe book from the 1880s that has the original recipe for Dr. Pepper in it.  The company is denying that its legit but nonetheless, that's pretty cool, send it our way, we'd love to whip up a few batches... but what the hell is mandrake root and sweet flag root... wait a tick.  It should be pretty clear to most people that if the ingredients don't start with high fructose corn syrup, that its not the real Dr. Pepper.  And there better be more than a few teaspoons of sodium carboxymethylcellulose and monosodium phosphate in there and a pinch or two of sodium saccharin and other words that you only see in spelling bee's before its going to resemble anything close to the real DP.