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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 5, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Ovechkin Crosby Epic battle between the Ovechkin and Crosby last night as both players had hat-tricks but Ove got a little more help from his friends and that tipped the balance in the Caps favour and they take a 2-0 lead back to Pittsburgh.  These guys seems to be taking this series as a personal battle to determine the ruler of the galaxy as they are now 1-2 in playoff goal scoring and 2-3 in playoff points (only Getzlaf is ahead of them)... this is turning into a classic.

Crosby could probably use a little help from Geno Malkin but dude seems asleep at the wheel... only managed an assist last night to go with his minus-2 (he's now minus-3 for the playoffs) and that makes it five straight games without a goal. He pulled a similar disappearing act in last year's playoffs so there are worries that this could be chronic.

Heard the other day that Philly may be in discussions to bring Ray Emery back to the NHL... makes total sense as the Flyers are always looking for the flavour of the year in net as opposed to developing or acquiring someone decent for the long-term.  He could be a useful fantasy player if he does come back but who knows what the Flyers have in mind.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Lots of injury news but take it all with a grain of salt as a guy could have a hang-nail or a broken leg and we'd get the same status update... "he's out with the flu".  

Rafalski Brian Rafalski is still suffering from that UBI, he'll sit out tonight's game but the team thinks he could return for game #4.  He better come back soon, another overtime game might kill Chelios.

Pavol Demitra is questionable for tonight's game #3 with what some are calling a back injury and others are calling a shoulder issue.  Given that it's Demitra, its likely that it's both.

Mats Sundin looks good to go tonight but word is that the "groin" injury that kept him out of two games last series is actually a sprained MCL (which is not part of the groin for you non doctor types out there)... that's not going to help his already awkward skating stride but he's had three assists in the two games since returning so he seems to be coping fine.

Jonathan Toews tried to dispel rumours that he has a bum shoulder by showing reporters that he could lift his hands up over his head just fine... so maybe he was just suffering from the flu???  No word if the reporters returned the favour as most of them probably couldn't get their hands higher than their mouth.

Lucic According to TSN, Milan Lucic was seen limping on Monday so he may have a leg injury... no word from Boston yet on his status for game #3 which goes Wednesday.

Kris Letang left last night's game late in the 3rd period with an arm injury that looked like a shoulder problem to us.  He appeared to be in a lot of pain and did not return... stay tuned.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our Mexican readers... hopefully you can pass a few Dos Equis threw your surgical masks and enjoy the day, although it may be best to steer clear of the carnitas burritos altogether.  We hope to join you in the celebration today but we're more fond of barking out a few grito's on the real Mexican Independence Day, September 16th.