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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 6, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Kesler Ryan Kesler may have only put up one assist last night but he was the best player on the ice and the difference in the game to give Vancouver a 2-1 series lead.  He was physical and nasty all night and then made a beauty pass to Mason Raymond to setup the Canucks first goal.  Kesler only has three points in the playoffs but he can play on our team anyday.  Btw, Mason Raymond looked good last night filling in for the injured Pavol Demitra as he used his speed to give the Blackhawks problems.  We thought this guy would do a little better than the 23 point he managed in his first full season but we're willing to wait as the kid has the skills to be a productive player.

The old Roberto Luongo was back last night only giving up one goal on 24 shots after conceding eight in the first two games of the series.  The scary thing if you're Chicago is that you know this guy is capable of playing better than he already is.

Alexander Edler had another two assists last night and that gives him 1+4=5 in three games in this series.  He was one of the top breakout dmen this year increasing his point total from 20 to 37 points and this scout thinks he has all the tools to be a real good one.  

Jonas Hiller came up with another gem last night as he stopped all but one of the 46 shots he faced to give the Ducks the lead in the series.  That's eight out of nine playoff games that Hiller has faced at least 35 shots (and four out of nine where he' faced at least 44 shots) and yet he sports a sparkling 1.74 gaa.

Brad Watson Hiller may have made the most saves for the Ducks but the biggest save of the night came from the quick whistle of Brad "QuickDraw" Watson as he blew down a Detroit goal with just over a minute left that would have tied the game. What a retard, the whole "I lost sight of the puck" routine is bogus cause if he's anywhere close to the proper position then he could see, like everyone else in the building, that the puck was just lying in the crease.  Who is he trying to save anyway by blowing it down so early?... the goalie?... hell, there's a pile-up in the crease and a face-washing conga line any time the goalie freezes the puck so why don't you just put your whistle away little man and let the players decide this thing.  And while we're at it, the whole "It's not when the whistle blew but when the referee intended to blow the whistle" is a crock-a-shit.  In this case the ref should be able to say that since the puck went in before I blew my whistle and since I blew my whistle cause I'm an idiot... that the goal should count. 

Not sure what Gary Bettman did this week to entice all his enemies, other than incompetency, but both Jim Balsillie and KHL owner Alexander Medvedev both came out yesterday saying they wanted to buy NHL teams.  We're sure Betsy is in quite a flutter devising how he can get around letting Balsillie overpay for one of his floundering teams but he's done it before so we've given up underestimating the underhanded tactics that Betsy's willing to use to try to save face.  Much more on this as the story unfolds but we're betting on seeing a team in Kansas City or Las Vegas before we see another one in Canada.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Demitra Pavol Demitra did end up missing last night's game and now the team is saying that he'll be out a week... which, in the playoffs, means that whatever he's got, its pretty serious.

Better news on Sami Salo as he had an MRI on whatever was ailing him and it came back negative, so he flew to Chicago and could be back in the lineup for game #4.

James Wisniewski took a puck to the chest and lets just say that he's no Superman as he went to the hospital and may have a bruised lung. 

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Been dying for a "behind the mask" interview with Cooly the Cow, the official mascot of the World Hockey Championships?... we highly doubt it... but you get it anyway right here.  We understand the whole Swiss neutrality thing but does that mean that you can't have a sense of humour either?  I mean, Cooly responds to the questions like he's being interrogated by some Guantanamo Bay waterboarding experts... jeez loosen up dude.