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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 7, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Malkin Geno Malkin was taking some pretty hot heat for his lackluster play in this series so far but he responded with his best game of the playoffs as he was dangling with the puck everywhere and led both teams in shots (9) & ice-time (29:38) and contributed a PP goal.  Now we'll see if he starts to bring this every night?

Kris Letang was the OT hero last night as his point shot went in off a Capital... not bad for your first career playoff goal and not bad for a guy who we didn't think would play based on the way he left the ice after taking a hit in Game #2.  Tangs has six points in eight playoff games and is continuing his fine play during his breakout season into the post-season.

Mike Green hasn't exploded in these playoffs as some would have liked but an assist last night gives him five points in his last six games and he has seven points overall.  Not sure if he's been instructed to simplify his game and play it safe but his shot totals (only two in the series vs 3.6 per game in the regular season) indicate that he's not getting the chances.

Jokinen_Jussi The OT hero in Carolina was Jussi Jokinen and this dude has been so clutch as that's his second game winner and fifth goal of the playoffs after only scoring one goal in 25 games for the Canes in the regular season... unreal.  He's following in the footsteps of fabled playoff one-hit wonders like Chris Kontos, John Druce and Ruslan Fedotenko... just don't be fooled into taking him in your pool next year cause you know how this fairytale ends.

JJ's linemate Sergei Samsonov may have finally awoken from his unmotivated haze as he picked up his first goal in 14 games (going back to the regular season) and added an assist on the OT winner.  Those were his first points in seven games but if Paul Maurice could get this guy going as well then Carolina could be in business.

Things are going to get real ugly today in bankruptcy court as Jim Balsillie and Gary Bettman go nose-to-nose (well Betsy would need a phonebook or two to go nose-to-nose, but you get the idea) over the fate of the Phoenix Coyotes.  Should be real interesting but we expect today to only be game #1 of a best-of-seven and this one looks to be going the distance.  Show your support for Balsillie's cause at  There's no point in showing your support for Betsy as he doesn't care what the fans think and he's an incompetent stooge.

Injury Updates

Sami Salo and Brian Rafalski are both questionable for tonight's Game 4s... Salo with the mid-body thing and Rafa with the UBI.

Daily Distraction 

Fergie Alley What's distracting us today?  First off, there's not a chance in the world that we're the first ones that have said this but.... saw a story about Kirstie Alley and how she gained like a thousand pounds on some diet gone wrong and just by looking at the picture, I swear I totally thought they used a picture of Fergie by mistake... am I totally off-base???  We'll stick to the head-shots here cause a full body comparison would be an insult to Fergie as she's got the washboard abs whereas Alley's figure is more comparable to a washing machine.