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HHT "Experts" vs SportsFed Bloggers: May 1st Update

As you already know (if you read this), the hockey bloggers in the Sports Federation are involved in a little prognosticate-off with the "Experts" from Hardcore Hockey Talk as part of The Score's Playoff Hockey Challenge with the goal to see who has the larger brains. 

At the end of round one, here's the main learnings:  A basketball guy is leading???... the "Experts" apparently don't know it all?!?... No quarter was given and none asked between Down Goes Brown and Ozzie as they are deadlocked and let's just say that there's no love lost between them

No changes in the standings since our last update but figured this would be a good reminder since the "Experts", especially, seems a little slow off the mark.  Here's the table:

Rank (Pts) Prognosticator Claim to Fame Genius Yikes Key Series WTF?
#1 (90) Scott Carefoot His RaptorBlog is bigger than Oliver Miller CHI in 6 SJ in 6 CAR in 7
#2 (90) HockeyJackAss aka Gary Bettman VAN in 4 SJ in 5 CAR in 6
#3 (80) Lions in Winter Eats bacon & poutine for breakfast ANA in 7 None CAR in 7 MTL in 7
#4 (80) SensChirp Blog gets more hits (per day) than Sens have all-time PIT in 6 SJ in 6 CAR in 6
#5 (70) Maple Leafs Hot Stove More likeable than Howard Berger (e5) CHI in 6 SJ in 5 CAR in 6 STL in 6
#6 (70) Five Hole Fanatics Is up to 8 friends on Facebook CHI in 6 SJ in 6 NJ in 7 CBJs in 7
#7 (70) CanucksBlog Wears Tony Tanti underoos VAN in 6 SJ in 6 CAR in 6
#8 (70) Fantasy Hockey Scouts Helped Mike Milbury with all his trades DET in 5 SJ in 6 CAR in 6
#9 (70) Steve Kouleas Brilliant & Handsome, just ask him VAN in 4 SJ in 6 CAR in 6
#10 (70) Steve Ludzik Career .351 winning % as NHL head coach ANA in 6 None NJ in 6 Picked ANA & NYR to upset
#11 (60) Down Goes Brown Banned from contacting Wendel Clark per restraining order(s) PIT in 6 SJ in 5 NJ in 6 BOS in 7
#12 (60) Mark Osborne Leafs acquired him for Lucien DeBlois CHI in 6 PHI in 7 NJ in 6 CBJs in 7
#13 (60) Al Strachan FHS fans voted him hockey's greatest rumormonger CHI in 5 SJ in 7 CAR in 6 BOS in 7
#14 (40) Checking From Behind Follows Ashton Kutcher on Twitter DET in 5 PHI in 6 NJ in 6 No 7 game series
#15 (40) BlackDogHatesSkunks Writes songs about Ken Hitchcock PIT in 7 SJ in 7 CAR in 6 Boycotted picking 3 series