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HHT "Experts" vs SportsFed Bloggers: May 20th Update

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As you already know (if you read this), the hockey bloggers in the Sports Federation are involved in a little prognosticate-off with the "Experts" from Hardcore Hockey Talk as part of The Score's Playoff Hockey Challenge with the goal to see who has the larger brains. 

With the 3rd round underway, we take a look at everyone's picks:

  • A lot of similarity amongst the picks with only a few people willing to step out on a wobbly branch;

  • Mark Osborne, obviously licking his wounds after getting shutout last round, decides its safer to just copy his buddy Steve Kouleas' picks; and

  • Seems that while we were basking in the glory of our #1 ranking, we apparently subconsciously thought we had a bye to the finals and didn't submit our picks (PIT in 6 & DET in 6)... what can you do, unlike Gary Bettman, we can't always be right. 

Here's the table (with the boldest of the bold predictions in gold):

Rank (Pts) Prognosticator Excuse for Performance Pit vs Car Det vs Chi
#1 (170) Fantasy Hockey Scouts That its even this close is a debacle Pass in 6 Pass in 6
#2 (160) Lions in Winter "Lions in Winter, Puddy Cats by May" PIT in 7 DET in 6
#3 (150) CanucksBlog Never been the same since the Bertuzzi incident PIT in 6 DET in 7
#4 (150) Scott Carefoot Too busy lobbying NBA for expansion team in Hamilton PIT in 5 DET in 6
#5 (150) Steve Ludzik Was hoping pre-season pick of Tampa Bay to win the Cup was still possible PIT in 6 CHI in 6
#6 (140) Al Strachan Laughing hysterically at Ludzy's pick as he only picked Tampa Bay to go to the finals PIT in 5 DET in 6
#7 (130) HockeyJackAss Wonders why they named the Swine Flu after the NHL commish CAR in 7 DET in 7
#8 (130) Steve Kouleas The glare from his teeth reflected off the monitor and led to temporary blindness PIT in 6 DET in 6
#9 (110) Maple Leafs Hot Stove Too busy listening to Brian Burke negotiate with himself CAR in 7 DET in 6
#10 (90) Five Hole Fanatics Called Pierre McGuire for advice last week and still on the phone waiting for him to stop yelling and say anything that makes sense PIT in 6 DET in 7
#11 (80) SensChirp Picked the SENS in 4 for every series last round PIT in 7 CHI in 7
#12 (80) Down Goes Brown Gunning for 14th... assuming Ozzie is 15th CAR in 6 DET in 6
#13 (60) Checking From Behind Does his best work from behind PIT in 6 CHI in 7
#14 (60) Mark Osborne Must have forgot that he was a "Hockey Expert" PIT in 6 DET in 6
#15 (40) BlackDogHatesSkunks No comment Pass Pass