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HHT "Experts" vs SportsFed Bloggers: May 30th Update

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As you already know (if you read this), the hockey bloggers in the Sports Federation are involved in a little prognosticate-off with the "Experts" from Hardcore Hockey Talk as part of The Score's Playoff Hockey Challenge with the goal to see who has the larger brains. 

Here's the learnings from the 3rd round:

  • Four "Experts" and 11 bloggers and not one pegged the Pens in 4 or the Wings in 5 last round;

  • Al Strachan, leads the way for the "Experts" but he's got the "Madman of Macedonia" hot on his heels; and

  • By not submitting picks last round, we left 60 points on the table... miraculously, we're still in the hunt and we refuse to concede as long as a Habs blogger, Lions in Winter, is in 1st place. 

Here's the table:

Rank (Pts) Prognosticator Excuse for Performance Pit vs Car Det vs Chi
#1 (220) Lions in Winter Discovered that Montreal Smoked Meat is neither smoked nor meat PIT in 7 DET in 6
#2 (210) CanucksBlog Working on a "Why we should trade Luongo for Bertuzzi" post PIT in 6 DET in 7
#3 (210) Scott Carefoot Darryl Sutter called him the 4th best blogger in the NHL PIT in 5 DET in 6
#4 (200) Al Strachan Not quite the SJ v Tampa Bay final that he picked in the pre-season PIT in 5 DET in 6
#5 (190) Steve Kouleas The glare from his teeth reflected off the monitor and led to temporary blindness PIT in 6 DET in 6
#6 (180) Steve Ludzik Was hoping pre-season pick of Tampa Bay to win the Cup was still possible PIT in 6 CHI in 6
#7 (170) Fantasy Hockey Scouts Thought they had bye to the finals and didn't submit picks last round Pass in 6 Pass in 6
#8 (160) HockeyJackAss Signed a one-year deal to blog for the KHL next year CAR in 7 DET in 7
#9 (150) Five Hole Fanatics Called Pierre McGuire for advice last week and still on the phone waiting for him to stop yelling and say anything that makes sense PIT in 6 DET in 7
#10 (140) Maple Leafs Hot Stove Like Brian Burke, spent Friday night dreaming of John Tavares shirtless CAR in 7 DET in 6
#11 (120) Mark Osborne Continually checking over his shoulder for Down Goes Brown PIT in 6 DET in 6
#12 (110) Down Goes Brown Like in '93, Kerry Fraser is screwing Leaf fans again CAR in 6 DET in 6
#13 (110) SensChirp Been watching too many tapes of Alexei Yashin's greatest playoff performances? PIT in 7 CHI in 7
#14 (90) Checking From Behind Does his best work from behind PIT in 6 CHI in 7
#15 (40) BlackDogHatesSkunks No comment Pass Pass