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2009 NHL Mock Draft

Lindros The clock is ticking down to Friday's NHL entry draft and since we've already given you the Consolidated Prospect Rankings, our FHS Rankings and our Fantasy Draft Rankings its time for us to make our selections and give you the Fantasy Hockey Scouts 2009 NHL Mock Draft.  Below we make a mockery of mock selections which are mostly based on who we think the teams will select looking at the team's needs and reviewing their draft history with a little of what we would do if we were in each of the GM's shoes thrown in for good measure... add in a splash of alcohol and here's what we came up with. 

Pick Team Needs/Tendencies
#1   New York Islanders   Most pressing need is a new arena
Ideally… They won't mess this one up
Considered Tavares, Hedman, Duchene
Selection   John Tavares
#2   Tampa Bay Lightning   Dman, who's willing to takes roles in horror movies over cash
Ideally… JT goes to the Isles and this makes it an easy choice
Considered Hedman, may consider trading the pick (hopefully not)
Selection   Victor Hedman
#3   Colorado Avalanche   Their prospect pool has dried up
Ideally… Hedman would fall to them
Considered Duchene
Selection   Matt Duchene, the consensus #3 prospect in the draft
#4   Atlanta Thrashers   D is a need but 1st line talent is always welcome
Ideally… A ready-made forward who can step in and help Kovalchuk
Considered Kane, Schenn, Paajarvi-Svensson
Selection   Evander Kane
#5   LA Kings   Could use a top-6 F and aren't afraid to go "off-the-board"
Ideally… They'd get a forward with a with "a little jam" as Pierre McGuire would/will say
Considered Schenn, Paajarvi-Svensson, trading down?
Selection   Brayden Schenn
#6   Phoenix Coyotes   They need a new owner/location, but they'll settle for D
Ideally… Dmitri Kulikov seems to fit with Wayne's Russian fetish
Considered Kulikov, Cowen, Ekman-Larsson
Selection   They like to do the unexpected (see Wheeler), so we're betting on Jared Cowen
#7   Toronto Maple Leafs   Need some of everything
Ideally… Burke would get more air time and trade up for Tavares/Hedman/Schenn
Considered Kulikov, Paajarvi-Svensson
Selection   M.Paajarvi-Svensson… maybe we're dreamin but Burke's had luck with Euro's before
#8   Dallas Stars   Most people think D is #1 need but we're not sure
Ideally… They'd get a Swede with many names like MPS or OEL
Considered Kulikov, Ekman-Larsson, Schroeder
Selection   Had luck lately with Swede's so... Oliver Ekman-Larsson
#9   Ottawa Senators   Top line talent and a tough dman
Ideally… Given their needs they'd take both of Kadri and Kulikov
Considered Kadri, Kulikov
Selection   Harder to find elite talent so... Nazem Kadri
#10   Edmonton Oilers   Size is lacking, especially at F
Ideally… They'd move up and grab Schenn
Considered Kulikov, Kassian, Glennie
Selection   A bit of a reach at #10 but he meets their needs… Zach Kassian
#11   Nashville Predators   Stacked with D so looking for top line F, shy away from Euro's
Ideally… Happy to see Dallas pass on Schroeder as he should fall to #11
Considered Schroeder, Glennie
Selection   They prefer NA (especially Yanks)/small/NCAA players… Jordan Schroeder
#12   Minnesota Wild   Tired of being boring… looking for F with skill
Ideally… The home-state boy Schroeder would fall to them
Considered A falling Kulikov, Glennie, trading down?
Selection   Scott Glennie
#13   Buffalo Sabres   Need size & history shows they prefer Euro or NCAA players
Ideally… They'd clone Tyler Myers as he looks like a good one at #12 last year
Considered Kulikov, Moore, Ellis

Dmitri Kulikov, this year's Cherepanov as some project him to go as high as #6

#14   Florida Panthers   More skill can't hurt
Ideally… They'd draft Bouwmeester's name on a contract
Considered Josefson, Moore, Rundblad
Selection   John Moore as he'll try to replace what they're losing with J-Bo
#15   Anaheim Ducks   Skilled F, they typically look for size and character
Ideally… May look to trade down as there's a lot more dmen available at this point
Considered Trading down, Josefson, Leblanc, Holland, Ashton
Selection   Peter Holland, may be questioned by some but he fills a need
#16   Columbus B-Jackets   Offensive dman… they've needed one for eternity
Ideally… Kulikov would keep sliding, may be tempted to try to move up
Considered Ellis, Rundblad, Despres
Selection   Would probably have a hard time passing on Ryan Ellis
#17   St.Louis Blues   Stay-at-home dman or power F
Ideally… A giant Swedish stay-at-home dman magically appears
Considered Josefson, Despres, Rundblad
Selection   In a 1st round light on defensive dmen, they'll take one in Simon Despres
#18   Montreal Canadiens   F with size and skill
Ideally… Someone who meets their needs & is French-Canadian
Considered Leblanc, Josefson, Kreider
Selection   Louis Leblanc may not be ideal but he speaks the right language
#19   New York Rangers   Physical W, they tend to go for size or busts
Ideally… Kreider seems to be perfect for them here
Considered Kreider, Josefson, Ashton or any other potential busts
Selection   Chris Kreider… and the Hugh Jessiman comparisons begin immediately
#20   Calgary Flames   Talented top-6 F and preferably Western Canadian
Ideally… They'd draft a Sutter
Considered Ashton, Ferraro, Josefson
Selection   Size makes Ashton tempting but the Red Deer link makes Landon Ferraro the pick
#21   Philadelphia Flyers   Prefer F and lean towards CHL players
Ideally… There'd be a top-flight goalie available
Considered Josefson, Ashton, Werek
Selection   Carter Ashton looks like their type of player
#22   Vancouver Canucks   Skilled D or F with character
Ideally… They'll be happy that Rundblad falls
Considered Rundblad, Josefson, Elliott
Selection   They've had success with Swedish dmen… David Rundblad
#23   New Jersey Devils   Probably looking to a F, trend is to take small Euro F's
Ideally… Do well with hidden gems so they will be happy a talent like Josefson falls
Considered Josefson, Palmieri, Morin
Selection   Won't let Jacob Josefson fall any further
#24   Washington Capitals   Physical D or W... they tend to favour size
Ideally… Hoping that a big winger like Ashton would fall
Considered Trading up, Shore, Caron, Werek
Selection   Jordan Caron
#25   Boston Bruins   Skilled D or W
Ideally… In a good spot where they'll have their choice of a group of 2nd tier offensive dmen
Considered Elliott, de Haan, Erixon, Morin
Selection   Stefan Elliott gives them a skilled dmen to replace Matt Lashoff
#26   New York Islanders   A goalie would be nice or a skilled dman
Ideally… Their D is in shambles so anything would help
Considered de Haan, Erixon, Leddy, Olsen, O.Roy
Selection   Calvin de Haan looks like an underrated pick
#27   Carolina Hurricanes   They tend to select F's early typically from the CHL
Ideally… A forward with size and scoring ability would be gravy
Considered Werek, Morin, O'Reilly, Palmieri
Selection   Ethan Werek
#28   Chicago Blackhawks   Could use a tough dman or a checking C
Ideally… Less than ideal spot as there's not a lot of tough dmen in this draft
Considered Olsen, Shore, Palmieri
Selection   Dylan Olsen would be a nice project to take on
#29   Detroit Red Wings   Skilled F or D and they definitely lean towards the Euros
Ideally… They'd unearth another great gem
Considered Erixon, Morin, Palmieri
Selection   We have a hard time seeing them pass on a talented Swede like Tim Erixon
#30   Pittsburgh Penguins   Quick, scoring W or a skilled D
Ideally… They'd get a finisher like Morin but with more speed
Considered Morin, Shore, Palmieri, Leddy
Selection   Can't pass on one of the best finishers in the draft… Jeremy Morin