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2009 Consolidated NHL Draft Rankings

Lawton Getting tired of trying to wade through all the different NHL draft rankings and mock drafts floating around out there?... alright, maybe you're into that sorta stuff, but wouldn't you just like to have one ranking that takes them all into account?  We take all the major rankings, a few mock drafts and use some Reaganomics & the Colonel's Secret Recipe to come up with the FHS 2009 Consolidated NHL Draft Rankings:

Rank Player Notes
1 J.Tavares #1 in every ranking we considered
2 V.Hedman Dropped to #3 in a few rankings
3 M.Duchene No lower than 3rd in all rankings
4 E.Kane Consensus top 5 pick
5 M.Paajarvi-Svensson Ranked anywhere from 4 to 7
6 B.Schenn 6th in rankings but talk is that he'll go in the top 5
7 J.Cowen THN has him 4th but CS has him as 9th best in NA
8 J.Schroeder Another one with a wide range of opinions
9 O.Ekman-Larsson Goes higher in the mocks but not in most top 10 rankings
10 D.Kulikov Only Russian in top 30
11 N.Kadri Anywhere from 8th to low 20s
12 S.Glennie Consensus top 20 pick
13 J.Josefson Shows better in rankings than mocks
14 J.Moore CS has him as 6th best in NA
15 R.Ellis CS has him as 16th best in NA
16 S.Despres Top 10 for some, ISS has him at 30
17 Z.Kassian Consensus top 20 pick
18 D.Rundblad Wide range, THN has him in top 10
19 P.Holland Did not impress at the scouting combine
20 L.Leblanc Ranked as high as 12th by ISS
21 L.Ferraro Would have been higher if not for THN ranking him 28th
22 C.Ashton Could go anywhere from top 20 to 2nd round
23 C.Kreider Climbing in a lot of people's eyes
24 K.Palmieri Very impressive at scouting combine
25 D.Shore Borderline 1st rounder
26 N.Leddy Looks to be in 20 to 30 range
27 S.Elliott No higher than 23rd in any ranking
28 Haan Could miss out as 1st round is heavy with O-minded dmen
29 J.Morin Could go anywhere from low 20s to mid-2nd round
30 J.Caron

The epitome of borderline 1st rounder

Check back over the next few weeks for more of our draft coverage as well have our very own NHL Draft Rankings, Mock Draft and the all important Fantasy Draft Rankings.