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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 12, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Mid-day update: Everyone is in a flutter cause of a rumour that the Ducks will send Chris Pronger to the LA Kings for Jack Johnson and the #5 pick in the draft... sounds pretty fishy, we don't really buy it, so we'll believe that when we see it confirmed.  Methinks some people are being taken for suckers on this one. 

Stanley CupBettman2 Game #7 tonight in Detroit, should be a good one... well actually who knows, it could be a stinker but regardless it will be interesting.  One thing we do know for sure tonight is that Gary Bettman will be on hand to pass out "expressions of interest" applications and also the Stanley Cup.  Betsy should receive his typical warm welcome by the fans and then he always makes sure to get in some brown-nosing time by congratulating the owners.  It would have been great if Phoenix won the Cup this year and then his spiel would have went something like this, "I'd like to congratulate the owner, which is... me... subject to the ruling from Judge Redfield T. Baum, basically anyone but those assholes Jerry Moyes, who can rot in hell, and Jim Balsillie, who will take a team to Canada over my dead body... Shane Doan, come get the Cup".

Lost in all the Stanley Cup finals hype is the Calder Cup, which goes to game #6 tonight back in Winnipeg with Hershey up three games to two over Manitoba.  Its been a pretty decent battle between two hot young goaltenders as Cory Schneider and Michal Neuvirth have been dueling and then you've got some pretty impressive scoring feats as well as Manitoba's Michael Grabner has nine goals in his last 10 games and then Hershey's Alexandre Giroux has nine goals in his last nine games and a pretty incredible total of 74 goals on the season (regular season and playoffs combined).

We mentioned yesterday that we saw some reports that Vancouver had signed Sergei Shirokov to a contract, well we've read more reports but still no confirmation.  It's said that he'll get a two-year two-way deal meaning he can be sent to the minors but don't count on that as he's arguably the best drafted Russian prospect in the KHL so we think he'll be in the NHL next year and should produce right away.  Here's a little highlight package, Shirokov's #52.

Injury Updates

Sykora As speculated and now been confirmed, Petr Sykora has a broken foot and will not be playing in tonight's game #7.  Luckily they have Miroslav Satan to replace him cause Miro's one goal in these playoffs is infinitely better than Sykora's zero... that's a mathematical fact, look it up bitches.

Danny Cleary and Kris Draper both missed practice yesterday with some made up injury that probably isn't even what the real injury is but they both should play tonight. 

Top secret information was leaked recently and we've found out that the injury that kept Nicklas Lidstrom out for a few games in the Chicago series was actually sore balls... the soreness due to a Patrick Sharp separator procedure performed during game #3 of the series.  If this is the kind of injury information that the teams are keeping secret then that's fine by us... very ouch.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  Today will be our last distraction of the NHL season.  But keep coming back to FHS.  We'll still be pumping out great fantasy info to keep you in this loop this off-season. 

With the Stanley Cup being presenting in just a matter of hours we thought this might be a good Distraction to end the hockey year on.  From Johnny Tweed's YouTube page:

"15 years ago, as kids, we started a small town road hockey league. Roughly 60 of us in total... we had teams with schedules, general managers, play money, free agency and contracts... the league had it's own economy. We kept track of stats, made hockey cards and newsletters. Even made our own Stanley Cup...and every season, battled our way to the finals to win this ultimate prize. Completely kid-organized and self-governed... it was all about hockey, and all about the Stanley Cup. The champions names went on the cup; paper stickers on dull grey paint."

Pretty awesome stuff.  The video might be a bit long and emotional but we're still jealous we didn't get to play in this league as a kid (or even now, actually):