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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 13, 2009

Daily Diarrhea - Stanley Cup Edition

Stanley Cup Congrats to the Penguins on taking the prize last night... we have to say it was all pretty improbable as this scout didn't give them much of a shot based on the way they'd played in Detroit so far and how strong the Wings had been at home.  But M-A Fleury made some early saves which were key to keeping them in the right frame of mind and a few huge goals by Max Talbot and you started to think this was actually possible.  Then the wheels started to come of as Sidney Crosby was knocked out with a knee injury and then they just totally sat back in the 3rd period and we thought that might be a fatal error.  But in the end, Fleury came up with a few huge saves (especially with no time left on Lidstrom) and got a little help from his cross-bar and that was enough.  Great game, hats to the Penguins and congrats to the city of Pittsburgh and all the fans... enjoy.

Heroic performance by Max Talbot last night and he really came up large in the finals with 4+2=6 and is proving to be quite a clutch performer... eight goals in 24 playoff games after only 12 during the regular season, add to that the inspirational beating he took from Dan Carcillo in the Philly series... one heckuva playoffs.

Malkin Geno Malkin took home the Conn Smythe and it was well deserved as he was 2+6=8 in the finals and led the playoffs in scoring with a very impressive 36 points in 24 games... which put him in territory that only guys named Wayne and Mario have been before.  Epic stuff and nice to see the kid stick it to the people that were doubting his heart after last year's final.

Also have to say congrats to the town of Hershey and the whole state of Pennsylvania for that matter as they pulled off the double when the Hershey Bears won the Calder Cup last night in a 4-1 win over the Manitoba Moose... Caps goalie prospect Michal Neuvirth was named playoff MVP.

A few non-playoffs notes... that whole Chris Pronger trade rubbish from yesterday has been denied by everyone.  There could be something to the rumour but the timing of it didn't make sense and the swap didn't sound legit (Pronger for Jack Johnson and the #5 pick)... we'll see if something ends up happening here but for now its just one of a million crazy rumours.

Also speculation that Robert Esche may be considering offers to return to the NHL after a pretty successful two year exile in Russia.  Probably nothing to get too excited about as he'll be brought in to be a veteran depth guy but if he does end up in Philly then there is a long history of the backups taking over the #1 role, so something to keep in mind, especially with Ray Emery as the #1.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today? This scout is a big Wings fan so we're not very happy here.  All we can do is tip our cap to Max Talbot...


...and the Penguins.  Anybody who stars in this commercial is okay in our books.  Besides, Red Wings fans only have one person to blame: freakin' Brad Stuart...


...and his inability to hold onto the freakin' puck on two freakin' occasions that both resulted in freakin' Max Talbot goals.  We know we're just using Stuart as a handy scape goat but it makes us feel better.

Even though the Red Wings lost we're happy to admit this Game 7 was as entertaining as they come. 

Ladies and gentlemen the last 16 seconds of NHL hockey for four months and the inspirational words of Gary Bettman: