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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 10, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Scuderi Rob Scuderi chipped in an assist last night and was a +2 but we don't care about that so much... it was the four blocked shots that were his biggest contribution... actually 'blocked shots' doesn't do them justice, lets just call them saves as a few of them saved goals and one of them saved the game. 

Marc-Andre Fleury made a few decent saves as well, especially in the 1st off of Zetterberg and the Cleary breakaway in the 3rd, stopping 25 of 26 in total.  He's been great at home in the finals with a 1.67 gaa in three wins but that balloons to 4.37 in three losses at the Joe, so we have our doubts that he can step up big in game #7.  On the flipside, Chris Osgood was very good last night and has a pretty remarkable 1.33 gaa at home in the playoffs so we think he'll be good at home in game #7.

3rd liners Tyler Kennedy and Jordan Staal stepped up for Pittsburgh last night and had the two goals.  Kennedy only had one point in the series coming in so his two last night were a timely surprise and Staal has two big goals in this series but only 4+5=9 in 23 games in these playoffs, which is decent production for a 3rd liner, if that's all he's going to be?

Hossa_Sens The fans in Pittsburgh are get all ruffled over Marian Hossa... ahhh, why?  You really want this guy on your team?... he's only scored in three of the Wings' 22 playoff games (six goals in total) and none of those are in the final, so seems like he's reverted back to his old Ottawa habits where he'd grab his purse and go home when the pressure was on.

Hossa leads to Dany Heatley, just like he did for the Senators back in that blockbuster in the summer of 2005.  Well it seems that Dany & Cory (Clouston) aren't getting along (reads like a headline right out of Tiger Beat), so Dany has asked out.  This is huge as guys that can consistently put up 40 to 50 goals do not grow on trees, so he'll be hard for the Sens to replace.  A few destinations that would make sense to us would be LA, Edmonton, Hamilton and Colorado... to name a few.  Things should get interesting heading up to the draft as Heatley easily becomes the catch of the summer.

So Philly is supposed to announce that they've signed Ray Emery to a $1.5 million contract today, despite not being able to sign him until after July 1st.  Sounds about right as Philly tends to take the cheap and risky option when its comes to their goaltending situation.  Emery would seem to be a good add for fantasy hockey GMs as he'll find himself on a good team but don't blow the bank on this guy as he's really only been a decent starting NHL goalie for one season.

Bettman3 Lots of good times in bankruptcy court yesterday as Judge Redfield T. Baum kept us in stitches as he verbally undressed lawyers and took misguided pot-shots at people like Gary Bettman, "Shouldn't you be in Detroit?" and a representative for the City of Glendale, "Have you ever been to a Coyotes game?"  The best was when the NHL asked for more time to find another owner so they could provide the most value for the creditors, Baum responded, "It doesn't seem like the value of the franchise is increasing"... well said.  Overall not much was accomplished yesterday except lawyers racking up more billable hours but we're starting to get the impression that Jimmy Balls isn't going to win this case as much as the NHL is going to lose it.  The judge brought it up several times that there was only one offer for the team so the NHL isn't giving him much of a choice.

Injury Updates

We're talking game #7 here people... everybody's hurting but nobody's tapping out with an injury.  Wait, Dom Hasek doesn't play for the Wings anymore does he?.... alright, just checking.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  You want to know what's distracting us?  You really do?  Well that's easy.  It's Game 7, baby.  We're more than happy to eat our words from yesterday's prediction of a Red Wing victory if it gives us an exciting Game 7.

In honour of our upcoming Game 7 we would like to present you with our tribute to seven:

1) Seven is the greatest name for a baby that was never born:

2) The Group of Seven are a bunch of artists or something...they're cool though because they are Canadian.

Group of seven 

3) The only way seven could be better is if you replacing the "V" with a "7"....that and get Kevin Spacey to give the best performance of his life

4) The Magnificent Seven.  Awesome song by an awesome band.  And with that, FHS announces that The Magnificent Seven is our official theme song for this Friday's Game 7.

5) Howie Morenz...aka the Stratford Streak.  467 points in 550 games.  The best NHL player to ever wear the number seven...or come out of Stratford.


6) Ever wonder why there are seven wonders of the ancient world?  It's all about Game 7.


7) and finally...we're not sure which is cooler.  Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals or Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch or Sean Connery as 007:

7yearitch Bond 

As you can see we're pretty excited about Friday night's game.  Now all we can do is wait....thanks to NBC.