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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 4, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Mid-day update: The Avs new GM Greg Sherman is wasting little time, he's promoting Joe Sacco from head coach of the AHL's Lake Erie Monster's to the Avs new head coach.  More on this later but Sacco's coaching record is rather uninspiring... we'll try to come up with some good things to say tomorrow.

Emery We already talked about this rumour a while back and we're not sure why it keeps being brought up as new news... Philly is talking to Ray Emery about a return to the NHL.  They can't sign Emery until July 1st and it seems they are still negotiating with Marty Biron so, as per usual, the Flyers goaltending situation is in flux and who knows which way this is going to go.  Signing Emery and giving him the #1 job would definitely be the cheaper and riskier option, so given their track record, that's probably the way Philly goes.  We'll get into more of the fantasy hockey implications when there's actually new news.

Geno Malkin did his best Yakov Smirnov impression yesterday at the press conference when he said that his linemate Max Talbot had "little bit bad hands" and "he have lots of scoring chances, not score... just empty net".  And Malkin seems to be using laughter to win over his coach too as Coach Bylsma said that "he's the first guy to laugh at my jokes.  That's why I like him"... yeah maybe winning the Art Ross helped just a little bit?

We mentioned the news out of Denver yesterday as they promoted Assistant GM Greg Sherman to GM and canned coach Tony Granato.  Sounds to us like this will be President Pierre Lacroix's team again as he's got his puppets and children in key positions.  Granato wasn't given much of a chance last year as injuries up front (to guys like Stastny & Sakic) led to a bottom of the league finish in goals scored and the tandem of Budaj and Raycroft in net (28th in sv%) led to a bottom five finish in goals against despite being a solid 9th in the league in shots allowed.  Look for the next coach to stress the defensive side as there's not a lot of offensive talent in the pipeline for them to work with.     

Injury Updates

Datsyuk Alright, encouraging news for Pavel Datsyuk lovers... he looks like he's good to go for tonight's game #4.  This could be another false alarm but based on what people are saying and the video evidence of Dats at practice, this looks legit.

Eric Fehr had surgery on both his shoulders and this will keep him out for 3 to 6 months.  We compared this guy to Eric Daze in last year's Breakout Bible in terms of goal scoring ability and brittleness as he's averaged less than 50 combined AHL/NHL games over the past three seasons and next year is already off to a rough start.  

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  Saw this the other day and maybe you've all seen this but for those of you that thought Taylor Hall was the most talented 17-year old in Canada, check out Julia Dales... lets see Taylor attempt this shit...