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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 9, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Mid-day update: We're loving the Redfield T. Baum show in Phoenix as he has us in stitches (follow it here) and "confirmed" rumours that Dany Heatley has asked for a trade out of Ottawa.... bizonkers.  More on these manana. 

Sutter_B A report out of Calgary says that Brent Sutter has made his decision and that he's quitting the Devils.  He will announce that he's resigning from the head coaching role cause he's homesick... ahhh, that's sweet... and that he's immediately going to become head coach of the Calgary Flames.  Alright, the last part is unconfirmed or just plain speculation on our part, but it could happen.  Read somewhere that the Lou Lamoriello has said that he won't allow Brent to coach anywhere but New Jersey this year, so there could be some haggling that needs to go down.  As for New Jersey, they'll be fine, they've had five coaches over the past five years all with the same results... tight defence and can't score goals.

Big day in court today as Betsy and Ballsy go toe-to-toe again... Seems Bettman has the big guns on his side as former presidential candidate John McCain sounds like he's a big Coyotes fan, "I'd hate to see them leave. They have given us some great moments."...  really?  If we were there we would have asked him to name one and would bet the farm that he couldn't.  Or maybe he'd shock us and bust out the highly successful Brett Hull signing of 2005... that was fun for all five games that it lasted.

Atlanta re-signed Marty Reasoner yesterday, so if you're fantasy hockey team is in need of a guy who's a lock for 25-35 points... then look no further.

Chicago signed their 6th round pick from the 2008 draft, Swede Jonathan Carlsson, to an entry level deal... their probably trying to find another Niklas Hjalmarsson, as he was a 4th round pick who stepped in and played well for them.  Carlsson will probably spend a while in the AHL and to this point he hasn't shown much offense.  

Nylander A report out of Russia has some Boris saying that Omsk is in discussions with Michael Nylander about playing in the KHL this year.  Omsk is Jaromir Jagr's team (for the moment) so the move could re-unite the two and they could try to re-kindle their highly successful Ranger years.  The Caps have to be absolutely thrilled about this as they would love nothing more than to rid themselves of Nylander's $4.9 million cap hit for the next two seasons.

Daily Distraction

Crosby v zettsWhat's distracting us today?  In this scout's opinion this will be the last Dosage you read before the NHL season is officially over.  As much as we would love to see a Game 7...we just can't see it happening.  The Pens looked pretty brutal in Game 5 and Datysuk looked pretty brilliant in his comeback game.

So enjoy it while you can people.  You may not see another octopus this season.  Ahhhhhh the Legend of the Octopus (video).  It's such a great tradition that other fans have attempted to copy it for their own teams:

  • In 1995, some Bruin fan tossed a lobster.  That's an expensive lucky charm right there.
  • In 1996, thousands of Panther fans threw plastic rats on the ice after a Florida goal all because Scott Mellanby killed a rat in the locker room.
  • OctopusIn 2003, Predator fans took to throwing catfish (video), for no apparent reason, on the ice in their playoff matchup against the Red Wings.
  • In 2005, thanks to an brilliant idea from an Edmonton radio host, some Oiler fans decided it would be fun to throw perfectly good Alberta beef steaks on the ice.  Just depressing, we love steak.
  • Finally, two years ago in 2007 an off-balance San Jose fan somehow managed to sneak in a 4-foot leopard shark and throw it on the that's dedication!

This year, one Pittsburgh fish shop is bringing fishy fandom to whole new level.  They are asking to see ID for anybody that purchases an octopus.  If you're from're out of luck.  Check it out:
(Click here if the video isn't loading)