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FHS Fantasy Breakout Awards Show

Welcome to the First Annual FHS Fantasy Breakout Awards Show...complete with B-rate celebrities.  On with the show:

We're here today to acknowledge the fantasy breakouts of 2008-2009.  Those guys that were undervalued coming into this season and paid their owners back big time for that late round pick.  By the way, rookies don't qualify for our awards (except for the Calder) as every rookie is a breakout performer.

Check out all the awards after the jump:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome our first presenter: London the dog, from classic TV show The Littlest Hobo to present the Lady Byng Trophy:


"The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is presented to the player who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability...or who had the biggest breakout in assists.  Much like my character on The Littlest Hobo these players are great at helping out people in need.  I did it by saving a young boy in trouble, they do it by setting up their teammates for goals.

Our nominees are: LADYBYNG

Alexander Semin: 2007-08 - 16 assists in 63 games    2008-09 - 45 in 62
Todd White: 2007-08 - 23 assists in 74 games    2008-09 - 51 in 82
Slava Kozlov: 2007-08 - 15 assists in 82 games    2008-09 - 50 in 82

We're not sure any Thrashers are allowed to win awards after their season so the winner is....

Alexander%20Semin ALEXANDER SEMIN 
Washington Capitals"




Thanks London.  Next up, international recording star and singer of the 1991 hit "Life is a Highway"...Tom Cochrane:


"The Maurice Richard Memorial Trophy is presented to the player with the biggest breakout in goals scored.  The NHL season is a lot like a highway. It's long and has obstacles at every corner.  These three players overcame their obstacles and took a big step forward to becoming fantasy studs 

Our nominees are:RICHARD

Jeff Carter: 2007-08 - 29 goals in 82 games    2008-09 - 46 in 82
Patrick Marleau: 2007-08 - 19 goals in 78 games    2008-09 - 38 in 76
Loui Eriksson: 2007-08 - 15 goals in 69 games    2008-09 - 36 in 82

46 goals from a guy that some owners might have been expecting 46 points.  The winner is.......

Philadelphia Flyers"



Congrats to Jeff.  Let's put our hands together for our next presenter...the star (but not the main guy) of the worldwide hit Twilight...Kellan Lutz


"FHS asked Robert Pattinson to present this award but he was busy fixing his hair and after asking two other cast members (who declined) they asked me.  The Frank J. Selke trophy is awarded to the player who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game...and by that we mean the biggest increase in plus-minus.

Our nominees are:SELKE

Travis Zajac: 2007-08  -11 in 82 games    2008-09  +33 in 82
Alexander Semin: 2007-08  -18 in 63 games    2008-09  +25 in 62
David Krejci: 2007-08 -3 in 56 games    2008-09  +37 in 82
And the winner is....

Travis%20Zajac TRAVIS ZAJAC 
New Jersey Devils"




Well done Travis.  We hope you take Zach Parise out for a steak dinner because a big part of that trophy is his.  Let's keep this ball rolling...our next award is the Jack Adams trophy and to present it is a man who invented a catch phrase...that's right, Mr. Boom Goes The Dynamite himself, welcome Brian Collins to the stage....


"I bet your expecting me to screw up this introduction.  Well guess what, it's not going to happen.  I'm prepared this time.  I've practiced and practiced so there's no way I can mess up this time.  Alright, here we go.  The Jack Adams award is given to the NHL coach adjudged to have contributed the most to fantasy success.  We like goals in fantasy play so we're looking for a coach with both a high octane offense AND a terrible defence.  Yes.  Nailed it!  Take that YouTube!

The nominees are:ADAMS

Ron Wilson, Toronto: 3.0 goals scored / game and 3.5 goals allowed / game
John Anderson, Atlanta: 3.1 goals scored / game and 3.4 goals allowed / game
Mike Keenan, Calgary: 3.1 goals scored / game and 3.0 goals allowed / game

He managed to turn Jason Blake into Mike Bossy and Vesa Toskala into Andre Racicot ...

Ron wilson RON WILSON 
Toronto Maple Leafs"



Let's hear it for Ron and he did it with such style and grace too.  Next up, we acknowledge the bravest men in sports...the netminders.  Here to present the Vezina Trophy is the best known goalie in America, Greg Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks:


"Playing a goalie in three terrible movies really teaches you a thing or two about stopping pucks and let me tell you...these three guys can stop some serious rubber.  At least that what I've been told.  I've never seen them play...I'm not really much of a hockey fan, I'm more of an NFL guy.  Anyway, the Vezina Trophy is presented to the fantasy breakout goalie of the year. 

The nominees are:VEZINA

Tim Thomas: 2007-08 - 28 wins    2008-09 - 36 wins
Jonas Hiller: 2007-08  - 10 wins    2008-09 - 22 wins
Nikolai Khabibulin: 2007-08  - 23 wins    2008-09 - 25 wins (but only eight losses)

First in save percentage, first in goals against average and sixth in wins...all that from a guy that wasn't even guaranteed a number one job at the beginning of the year.  The winner is...

Boston Bruins"


A breakout performer at 35 years old...enjoy it while you can Timmy.  Next up, put your hands together for Barrett Jackman and Andrew Raycroft.


"It's our great honour to hand out the Calder Trophy for the biggest breakout rookie of 2008-09.  Being former Calder winners really, we were.  Seriously.  Look it up if you don't believe us.  Satisfied now?  Where were we?  Oh yes, we wanted to give some advice to today's winner...try to sign the biggest and longest contract you can. 

The three nominees are:CALDER

Steve Mason: 2008-09 - 33 wins, 10 shutouts, 2.29 GAA and a .916 SV%
Bobby Ryan: 2008-09 - 64 GM, 31 G, 26 A, +13, 33 PIM

Patrik Berglund: 2008-09 - 76 GM, 21 G, 26 A, +19, 16 PIM

A guy undrafted in almost all leagues ends up being one of the most valuable fantasy assets on the year.  The winner of the Calder Trophy is...

SteveMason_jpg_w300h450 STEVE MASON 
Columbus Blue Jackets"


Before we get to our next award we wanted to take a moment to remember the players that killed our fantasy teams this season. 

Tomas Plekanec - 2007-08 69 points, 2008-09 39
Brian Rolston - 2007-08 59 points, 2008-09 32
Vaclav Prospal - 2007-08 71 points, 2008-09 45
Vincent Lecavalier - 2007-08 92 points, 2008-09 67
Henrik Zetterberg - 2007-08 92 points, 2008-09 73
Petr Sykora - 2007-08 63 points, 2008-09 46
Cory Stillman - 2007-08 65 points, 2008-09 49
Daymond Langkow - 2007-08 65 points, 2008-09 49
Brent Burns - 2007-08 43 points, 2008-09 27
Jason Pominville - 2007-08 80 points, 2008-09 66 points
Wade Redden - 2007-08 38 points, 2008-09 26 points

...and of course the goalie position where the majority of the fatalities occurred:

Marty Turco, Carey Price, Vesa Toskala, Cristobal Huet, Mikka Kiprusoff, JS Giguere, Dan Ellis, Manny Legace and even Chris Osgood.

So sad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the beautiful Ehrinn Cummings to present the James Norris Memorial Trophy.


"You may be wondering who I am and what I've done to be included in this hockey awards show.  Well I'm a model and I'm from Canada so I'm automatically asked to be a presenter.  The Norris Trophy is awarded to the defenseman who demonstrated the greatest breakout for the position throughout the season.

The nominees are...NORRIS

Marc-Edouard Vlasic: 2007-08 - 14 points in 82 games    2008-09 - 36 in 82
Denis Grebeshkov: 2007-08 - 18 points in 71 games    2008-09 - 39 in 72
Mike Green: 2007-08 - 56 points in 82 games    2008-09 - 73 in 68

17 more points in nine less games.  If he was healthy all year he would have came close to 90 points...the winner of the Norris Trophy is...

Washington Capitals"



It's that time of the evening.  The award for the FHS Most Valuable Breakout Player.  Here to present the Hart Trophy is the CEO of Research In Motion and the very big hockey fans...Mr. Jim Basillie


"Webster's defines a breakout as an escape, often with the use of force, from a contract or legal agreement.  Webster's also defintes a breakout as an instance of surpassing any previous achievement.  Sometimes breakout's happen and sometimes they don't,  Here are five players who managed to do what I couldn't... HART

Alexander SeminTSN projected Semin as the 28th best LW coming into this season.  They must have been expecting the 42 points from 07-08 instead of Semin building on the 73 he scored in 06-07.  Semin took a big step forward by racking up 79 points in only 62 games...a 104 point pace over 82 games.

Jeff Carter: Projected for 25 goals and 49 points and as the 45th best fantasy center.  He ended up second in the league in scoring with 46 goals.  His +23, 24 PPP, 68 PIM's and 342 shots all helped fantasy owners this year.

Zach Parise: Projections around 70 points seemed to be the norm for Parise.  Next year, it will be a different story.  He finished fourth in the league with 94 points and being a LW he was a stud in a relatively weak position.  His +30, 30 PPP and 364 shots all helped his owners this past season.

Mike Green: In 2006-07 he played 82 games and scored only 12 points.  The next season he broke through with 52 points.  Many figured that Green has hit his ceiling and he would settle in nicely as a top 10 to 15 fantasy dman.  That wasn't enough for Green.  He would have been a pretty high pick in most leagues but it ended up being well worth it as he scored 73 points and tacked on a +24, 68 PIM's, 38 PPP, and a tidy 243 shots.  He was nine points ahead of the next highest scoring d-man (Markov) even though he played 10 games less.   A heathly Green next season could give us the very rare 90 point fantasy d-man.

Steve Mason: Mason was one of the better tender prospects out there coming into this season, but he was at least a few years away...or so we thought.  With last year's breakout goalie (Pascal Leclaire) in front of Mason on the depth charts Steve wasn't picked up in many leagues.  Oh, how things change.  An injury to Leclaire and 10 shutouts later...Mason is the man.  A .916 save percentage, 33 wins and a stellar 2.29 goals against average were numbers that made his owners very happy.

Congratulations to all the nominees.  It's a very talented group but unfortunately there can only be one winner.  The winner of the Hart Trophy as FHS's biggest fantasy breakout is...

SteveMason_jpg_w300h450 STEVE MASON 
Columbus Blue Jackets"



It was a memorable evening.  Thank you very much for coming and we hope you enjoyed the show.  You are welcome to join us for the after party at Mario Lemieux's house.