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HHT "Experts" vs SportsFed Bloggers: Final Results

As you already know (if you read this), the hockey bloggers in the Sports Federation were involved in a little prognosticate-off with the "Experts" from Hardcore Hockey Talk as part of The Score's Playoff Hockey Challenge with the goal to see who has the larger brains. 

Here's how the final results shake down:

  • Congrats to the Canucks Hockey Blog for taking the prize with an impressive performance;

  • Al Strachan led the way for the "Experts" with a respectable copper medal finish; and

  • Down Goes Brown was the only one to correctly pick the Penguins in 7 and that vaulted him passed Mark Osborne... DGB can now die a happy man. 

Here's the final results:

Finals Prediction
Rank (Pts) Prognosticator Excuse for Performance Pit vs Det
#1 (250) CanucksHockeyBlog 13-2 in the playoffs… too easy PIT in 6
#2 (220) Lions in Winter Was going to using winnings to put together bid for Habs Pass
#3 (210) Scott Carefoot Hoopshead thought Pistons over Pitt Panthers was a lock DET in 6
#4 (200) Al Strachan Confused how he got scooped by Ludzy on the Pronger trade Pass
#5 (190) Down Goes Brown Claiming victory as his only goal was to beat Mark Osborne   PIT in 7
#6 (190) Steve Kouleas Perfect teeth can only get you so far Pass
#7 (180) Steve Ludzik Too busy breaking the Pronger for Jack Johnson trade Pass
#8 (170) Fantasy Hockey Scouts It was revealed afterwards that they played in playoffs with sore balls DET in 7
#9 (160) HockeyJackAss Refused to shake hands with the other competitors after the game… shameful DET in 6
#10 (150) Five Hole Fanatics Had the compete level of Todd Bertuzzi DET in 6
#11 (140) Maple Leafs Hot Stove Was tanking to improve draft position Pass
#12 (130) Checking From Behind Apparently pulling picks out of his behind PIT in 6
#13 (120) Mark Osborne Didn't have Wendel Clark and Dougie Gilmour to carry him Pass
#14 (110) SensChirp Was counting on Hossa to come up big, just like he always did for the Sens DET in 7
#15 (40) BlackDogHatesSkunks Had a 6 for 15 success rate in playoffs… success meaning if a pick was submitted DET in 7