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School's Out for Summer

School's Out 

Hockey's officially over for the season (so sad) and it kinda feels like the last day of school here at FHS.  We'll be a little lost without any hockey for a few months but just like the cool teacher-man with the wide tie in the picture above, we'll be hard at work over the summer.  You think this guy takes the summer off???... NFW.  He's busting his balls off over the summer to be the best teacher he can be next year... hell, you think that fat kid in the back is gonna learn how to read on his own?

Alright now that we've cleared that up, here's how we'll be busting our asses over the summer to make YOU the best fantasy hockey GM you can be next season... 

  • Daily Fantasy Hockey News - you'll get daily updates on all the hockey news that impacts fantasy hockey in the form of the Daily Dosage, that you've become addicted to, or a Weekly Wrap-Up, which will still be updated daily but is better for the environment as there's less waste. 

  • NHL Draft Previews - leading up to the NHL Draft on June 26th, we'll be giving you our take with our Consolidated Draft Rankings, our own FHS Draft Rankings, a mock draft and the one that really matters, the FHS Fantasy Draft Rankings.

  • Blogger's Breakouts - we'll have a series of articles where we'll bring you some breakout players for next season right from the mouth of a blogger for each NHL team.  This should be fun, could be a train-wreck, but should be a fun train-wreck!

  • 2009-10 Scouting Reports - all the while we'll be slaving away behind the scenes on all our fabulous scouting reports for next season... the 2009-10 FHS Fantasy Guide, 2009 Breakout Bible, 2009-10 Projected Stats, Cheatsheets and anything else we can pull together before we get too drunk. 

So don't be a stranger over the summer, follow us on twitter and, as always, we love to hear from our friends and enemies so drop us a line to say waazz up.