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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 14th, 2009

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We're back to the Daily Dosage routine starting today, as with training camps here and exhibition games around the corner, news has started to pick up!  

Daily Diarrhea  

Stafford Buffalo re-signed RFA forward Drew Stafford to a two-year deal... so no worries of a holdout or missing training camp there.  He should jump right back in there, line-up on one of the top two lines and after a slightly disappointing yet decent 45 point season in 2008/09, we think he's in for a breakout season this year... grab our Breakout Bible for our full analysis.

Radek Smolenak thought he would show Tampa Bay by refusing to re-sign and heading to Russia during the offseason... well he's back, as he was let go by his KHL team and has re-signed with TB.  He'll probably see some NHL action this year but it would be foolish to count on much of anything.

Our Czech is a little rusty but there's a report coming from the Czech Republic that Petr Sykora has signed with the Wild... there have been rumours that they were close to a deal so this would make sense.  More if it becomes an "e5" rumour.

Go here to get in on a Swedish Elite League or (the much cooler) Allsvenskan fantasy league!  We call second captain, first pick and we'll take Svensson... yeah, all 43 of them.  

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

We're in the process of adding all the offseason injury news to the Injury Updates page, should be fully updated later today.

Fleischmann Tomas Fleischmann has a blood clot in his leg that will keep him out of practice and games for about a month and it could be the end of October before he's ready to play.  Not a good way to start for the kid who was trying to grab a spot in the top 6 forwards.  We'd expect that spot to be gobbled up by Brooks Laich.

The Bruins say that Marc Savard is having some lingering knee issues that prevented him from finishing practice yesterday... but not to worry, its only minor.  Well, we're a little concerned as its not a good sign when a guy is complaining after the first day of training camp but Savard is pretty durable, having only missed eight games in total over the past four years (where he's averaged 90 points a year)... draft him as you normally would.

Kari Lehtonen had offseason back surgery and is apparently no quite recovered yet, so he'll sit out a few more practices... not a good sign for a guy who's about as brittle as peanut butter brittle and has only averaged 50 games over the past four years.  We'd avoid him or if you draft/own him then make sure you have solid insurance.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Thanks to our friends at Clockwork Orange and Black (what a great logo) we got to relive a classic video featuring Snoop Dogg and Chris Pronger.  Seriously, could you ever fathom a more bizarre pairing?  We love every single second of this video...

Obviously the boys over a CO&B have a bad case of Pronger fever.  Luckily they'll have Ray Emery to bring them back to reality.