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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 19th, 2009

Daily Diarrhea  


The Leafs pulled the trigger on the Phil Kessel deal yesterday, sending two 1st rounders and a 2nd to Boston and then immediately signing Philly to a five-year deal worth $5.4M per season.  Not going to get into the analysis of the deal too much, other than to say that the Leafs potentially gave up a lot and will have to stay out of the top 5 in the draft to make this worth it... but they probably wouldn't have been able to get someone of Philly's talent any other way so I guess Burke figured it was a risk he had to take.  Kessel has all the talent in the world and we think he should be a regular candidate for the Rocket Richard Trophy.  As for fantasy impact, well Marc Savard loses probably his best triggerman, but Boston is pretty stacked and it should mean more opportunities for Blake Wheeler (who we were already quite bullish on in the Breakout Bible).  As for the Leafs, well Kessel won't have much to play with as there's not a legitimate #1C but he should still be a scoring threat and we'd expect his production to be at around a similar pace to last year (once he returns in December from the shoulder injury).  If there was a clear #1C in Toronto, we'd give him a boost based on this news but it's hard to say who Philly will play with once he returns so no clear winner there.

Mike Comrie is working hard to win the Edmonton fans over as he put up four assists and also dropped the mitts last night.  He's been a feisty player over parts of his career but we don't expect him to goon it up very often but the offensive production is nice to see... we were thinking that he'd fall in the 40-50 point range this season but if he keeps this up during the pre-season we may have to adjust that.

Two assists last night for Sergei Shirokov as he lined up with the Sedin's... he's impressing so far and may push his way onto the opening night roster although we still wouldn't be surprised if he starts in the A... not cause he needs it, based on his experience he's NHL-ready, but more due to the numbers (& cap) game.  We think he's worth a flier in the late rounds of mid-to-deep leagues.


Matt Duchene had a goal & an assist last night for Colorado in 17 minutes of ice-time.  If it was us, we'd send the kid back to junior but who knows what the Avs will do.  If he does make the team then we're not counting on much as there a real lack of talent in Denver.

Victor Hedman logged another 27 minutes of ice-time last night, leading the Lightning once again, so there doesn't appear to be any worries that Rick Tocchet is going to try to ease him in like he did with Stamkos last year.  Draft the kid, we think he's going to be productive immediately.

A few minor cuts from yesterday... Anaheim sent 2009 1st round pick (15th overall) Peter Holland back to junior and Chicago cut Akim Aliu, he'll head to the AHL.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):


Freddie Modin hurt his knee in last night's game and the initial reports are that he could be out for a few weeks, at least.  Dude's very fragile and we wouldn't have been going near him in our draft anyway but this just makes us super-duper sure that we made the right decision.

Jason Chimera was taken from last night's game on a stretcher after going head-first into the boards.  No word on how long he'll be out for but he's another one you probably want to avoid as he has a hard time staying healthy and doesn't produce enough to make it worth the risk.

Daily Distraction 

Portland_pirates_2002What's distracting us this week?  Well what do you's international 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' Today.  Have a good one mateys:

Those dudes be crazy.