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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 21st, 2009

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Daily Diarrhea


The fairytale of the pre-season continued yesterday as Theo Fleury had a goal & an assist in a Calgary win and survived another round of cuts... so it seems like he's impressing the Sutter's and maybe, just maybe, they're considering keeping him around?  Despite this, do not, we repeat, do not pick him in your league's draft... as a wise man once said, great stories don't win fantasy leagues... or maybe we just made that up?

Patrick O'Sullivan is another great story from the pre-season but this one could pan out for you as he had his fourth goal of the pre-season last night and looks like he's in for a bounce-back year after his point total dropped to 43 last year (from 53 in 2007/08).  We've always liked Patty as he's put up points at every level and he's not afraid to shoot the puck... and everyone knows that's right in our wheelhouse.

Reports say that Anton Babchuk is heading back to the KHL and will sign with Omsk... so scratch him off your cheatsheet... make it count, use pen.  

Howard Jimmy Howard let in two deflected goals on Saturday night but the big news was that coach Mike Babcock stated "We need 25 wins out of our backup [this year]".  Looks like he'll get a good number of starts with the Wings this year and should be one of the first backups taken in your league...just don't expect numbers as good as Ty Conklin's from last year.

Some people are talking up Colorado's Ryan Stoa as a real sleeper pick this year... not us... and after playing only eight minutes in an exhibition game vs St.Louis last night, we're thinking that we might have gotten this one right.

Lots of trimming of the fat going on...  in a bit of a surprise, LA sent Oscar Moller to the AHL although we weren't really high on his chances this year anyway.  St.Louis sent Lars Eller to the AHL, he's been suffering from mono so they'll give him some time to get over that.  Anaheim cut Matt Beleskey and sent him down and Dallas will return Philip Larsen to Frolunda in Sweden, although everyone seemed pretty impressed with a guy who's one of our favourite under-the-radar prospects.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

There's a bunch of guys with minor bumps and bruises, we'll only highlight the more interesting ones here...

SullivanSteve Sullivan is suffering with a groin strain but coach Barry Trotz said it's not serious and he should suit up for the Preds on Wednesday night.  Still, Sully is 35 years old and is only one year off major back surgery.  We'd recommend you avoid him on draft day in all but the deepest of leagues.

Henrik Zetterberg is also suffering through a groin injury.  He'll be off the ice for about three days but this doesn't sound too serious right now... we'll keep an ear to the ground for you.

Sergei Shirokov suffered a knee injury the other night and could be out of action for a week... not sure if this will hurt his bid to make the team, but it certainly can't help.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  We're actually pretty focused...unlike Leland Irving: