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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Sept 27th, 2009

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We updated the FSR & 2009/10 Projected Stats on Wednesday... don't you think it's about time you got the freshest produce available? Or maybe you're the type of GM who's happy with his glossy magazine that was written in early July?... check out the FSR page for details.

Daily Diarrhea  


It appears as though David Moss has won the gig as 1st line winger with Jokinen and Iginla... not bad work if you can get it.  We're not convinced that he'll hold onto this spot or that he'll turn it into big production but it at least gives him a leg up on a lot of other breakout candidates.  Drop a late round pick on him, if you're so inclined, and hope for a hot start to the season.

Speaking of hot starts, the Leafs Swedish sensations, Viktor Stalberg & Jonas Gustavsson both made strong cases last night for bigger roles once the regular season starts.  Stalberg scored his fifth goal of the pre-season and that ties him (with Wayne Simmonds) for the league lead... how can he not make the team?  Gustavsson was huge, shutting out the Red Wings over two periods, stopping all 15 shots he faced.  Now we're high on Gustavsson but we're not going to anoint him the #1 right away... however, this should act as a reminder of how quickly goaltending situations can flip.

The Sabres made a number of cuts but Nate Gerbe survived and chipped in a goal last night vs Montreal.  That was his first goal of the pre-season and he hasn't been seeing a lot of ice-time so it probably means he'll be heading back to the AHL to start the year but some of us will keep our fingers crossed.


This scout is a big Jack Johnson fan, so we're very encouraged by his strong pre-season play as he's leading the Kings in scoring with 2+5=7 in five games.  We're bullish on his chances this year as the kid does it all... if you want to hear us go on-and-on about JJ then grab a copy of the Breakout Bible (he's our 8th biggest breakout pick).

We were big on Cody Hodgson's chances of cracking the Canucks roster and having an impact this year but it looks like he may be blowing his opportunity... GM Mike Gillis warned that he could be in trouble yesterday and Hodgson didn't help his chances with a lackluster performance last night. [more]

Similar to Hodgson, another rookie we liked to contribute immediately was Colin Wilson in Nashville but he's been hampered by a groin injury and has only seen action in one pre-season game, although it was a good one as he had three points.  We'd still expect that he'll make the team despite not playing a lot but there's a risk that they send him down to get conditioned, so it could result in a slow start.


Okay this is just getting silly now... Peter Forsberg was looking the best he's looked in five years and was 'dominating' in the second game of his three game try-out with Modo.  He said that his foot felt 'better' and that he is going in the right direction.  Sounds like he's hoping for an NHL comeback but we wouldn't get all excited... yet. [more]

Dallas cut d-man Ivan Vishnevskiy yesterday.  I-Vish is a power play specialist and given the fact that the Stars don't really have a true PP QB, he could be back with the club some point this season.  If you were hoping to pick Ivan as a deep sleeper, it's time to cross him off your list.

Tampa cut Martins Karsums yesterday... we had thought he might be somewhat useful this year but that was assuming that he would see some time on the 1st line with Vinny... apparently not as he was waived.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

There's a bunch of guys with minor bumps and bruises, we'll only highlight the more interesting ones here...


Sidney Crosby's sore groin 'felt better' yesterday and he did 20 minutes of skating to prove it.  No word yet if he'll be going tonight vs. Detroit... but this doesn't sound like anything to worry too much about.

Sergei Shirokov returned to the lineup last night after missing a few games due to a knee injury and he looked good playing over 20 minutes and picking up an assist in the Canucks win over the Flames.  Appears as though he'll start the year in the NHL and we think he'll be productive right away... you can probably get him late in your draft as the amateur GMs (and non-FHS readers) out there have probably never heard of this guy.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Just some random linkage from around the interweb...

  • Blog have been linking to us pretty heavily the last few days.  This link isn't about payback... it's all about the awesome Wheaton King.
  • We came across a few fantasy articles you should check out: 
    • On The Forecheck tells us the Predators we want in our fantasy leagues this year... we like the Preds defenders and goalie but the forwards, not so much.  Check out their fantasy tips as well.  
    • Mirtle hits a home run by making a nice little graph (that's correlation, baby) to show what we've been saying forever: PP time = big numbers
    • Fantasy Pool Geek have a great little article to help you to see the value in LW's and D's.
    • We don't even know why we're ever surprised anymore but ESPN released another joke of a fantasy article: Eight Simple Rules For Winning Your League.  When the first two rules are: Daniel Sedin is better than Henrik Sedin & Ovechkin is better than Crosby... you know you're in a for a stinker.
  • Down Goes Brown makes fun of Al Strachan and Leaf Fans at the same time.  We're sold.
  • If you like pointless Top 5 lists, we bet you'll enjoy the Top 5 Goal Horns more than we did.
  • Japers' Rink picked up on some brutal analysis by Rotowire... they ain't no FHS, that's for sure.  Japers' gives us some actual analysis of the Cap goalie situation here
  • Have you seen the Canuck's new dressing room?  It's pretty mental.  But even more entertaining is Kurtenblog's take on that article (and more).  Our favourite line:
    "If I was Dave Tippett, I think I'd make the coyotes watch 'Major League' 100 times this season"
  • Finally...we'll end with a video.  Yeah, we took it from the above mentioned Kurtenblog (we're ready to anoint it our favourite blog, okay?) but it's just too good not to post it here: