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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: The Top 10 - Power Forwards

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Top Ten'sWelcome to another exciting edition of...The Top Ten.  Today we'll be looking at a rare player on NHL rosters... the Top 10 Power ForwardsWe have this dream about owning a fantasy team composed entirely of power forwards (even though we would lose miserably), we guess you could call it a fantasy fantasy.

In real hockey a power forward throws the body and scores.  Of course, hits aren't a common fantasy statistic so we're looking at the top ten players with a great point and penalty minute combination.  Grab a few of these guys to ensure you have a well rounded team.

(All statistics are from FHS projected stats which can be picked up as part of our Fantasy Scouting Report)

Are we geniuses?  Are we idiots?  Either way, we encourage any debate or discussion.  Give us your two cents with a comment or an email.

Top 10 Power Forwards