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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: The Top 10 - Superstar Breakouts

We rattle on about guys like Sam Gagner and Top Ten'sAlex Goligoski, but many of you aren't in leagues deep enough for players like that to make an impact.  So this list is for you. 

Here’s the top 10 guys that have already had breakout seasons, by our standards, and we think are now ready to make the jump to the "Superstar" level (75 points for a forward, 50 points for a dman or elite level goalie).  Our Top 10 Superstar Breakouts...

For all of our breakout picks… check out our Breakout Bible.

Are we geniuses?  Are we idiots?  Either way, we encourage any debate or discussion.  Give us your two cents with a comment or an email.

(Statistics are from FHS Projected Stats which can be picked up as part of our Fantasy Scouting Report)Superstarbreakouts