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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: The Top 10 - Injury Comebacks

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Welcome to our second edition of The Top TenAfter performing all of our research for both the Breakout Bible and Fantasy Scouting Report we've got all these players floating around in our we'll put them on a few lists for you.  If you have a good Top 10 idea or a Top 10 of your own send them our way.

When players get injury they get forgotten.  Here are guys that you need to make sure you (and your drafting software) remember on draft day.  Of course, these guys have some injury risk but the reward might outweight the risk...The Top 10 Injury Comebacks.

Are we geniuses?  Are we idiots?  Either way, we encourage any debate or discussion.  Give us your two cents with a comment or an email.

Injury Comebacks