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Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Make These Changes

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Ok, maybe you're smarter than us (let's hope so) but you know a blonde thing that we always do?... we go into our fantasy hockey draft and don't bother to adjust the default rankings on Yahoo! (or wherever the draft is) cause we figure that we'll have lots of time during the draft to go through the rankings and find some of those hidden or obscure guys and grab them before any other GM does.

But what always ends up happening is that we spend too much time talking trash during the draft (ie "Hanzal suxx") and basking in the glory of all our our genius selections (and making sure everyone knows how genius they were) that we never have enough time to go through the default rankings and find all those hidden gems.  

Well this year, we became, as they say in Boston, wicked smaaat and we've gone though Yahoo's default rankings, found said guys and already made the adjustments... through the power of the internet, we shall share them with you now.

First, we should say that Yahoo! did a pretty good job with their rankings (nothing close to ESPN's butcher job)... it seems like somebody actually put some thought into them and is trying to help you.  But trying & a quarter will get you a phonecall half of a phonecall... it ain't gonna help you win your pool, so that's where we come in.

These should be pretty self-explanatory, but we'll add some comments when we feel like it, the number indicates the overall Yahoo! default ranking and when we refer to our ranking, we're talking about the rankings from our Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR).

Guys to Move Up (up, as in closer to Ovechkin):

  • #28 Brodeur - ranked as 4th best goalie?  We say he's #1
  • #29 Heatley - should go in the 1st round of most drafts 
  • #32 Lundqvist - ranked as 6th best goalie?  We say he's #4
  • #36 Luongo - ranked as 7th best goalie? We say he's #2
  • #49 Weber - ranked as 4th best dman but we wouldn't wait this long
  • #65 Lidstrom - ranked as 7th best dman? We say he's #3
  • #90 Stamkos - our #1 breakout candidate in the Breakout Bible could explode
  • #124 Varlamov - ranked as 21st best goalie? We say he's #10
  • #138 Morrow
  • #154 Hiller - ranked as 25th best goalie? We say he's #8
  • #177 Kariya
  • #180 Bogosian - we wouldn't wait this long, he's a stud
  • #201 Stastny
  • #221 Connolly
  • #227 B.Richards
  • #242 Gagner - another great breakout candidate, we think he'll put up 65
  • #246 Barker
  • #259 Burns
  • #266 A.McDonald
  • #273 Gonchar - we have him as the 7th best dman
  • #286 Visnovksy
  • #298 Giguere - ranked behind guys like Roloson & Clemmensen but way more upside
  • #304 Oshie
  • #312 Wisniewski
  • #323 Briere
  • #335 T.Kaberle
  • #341 Voracek
  • #373 Sturm
  • #407 Doughty - Yahoo must think he'll forget how to skate or something?
  • #408 S.Sullivan
  • #423 Ryan Whitney
  • #456 Brassard
  • #463 Giroux
  • #470 Justin Williams
  • #514 Gustavsson - we think he's a top 30 goalie
  • #555 Goligoski - he's our top dman breakout candidate in the Breakout Bible 
  • #562 J.Howard - should be one of the better back-ups in the league
  • #648 Beauchemin
  • #649 Jack Johnson - another great breakout candidate
  • #722 Leino - we're not as bullish as others but this is a little late
  • #732 Erik Johnson - we'd pick him just a few spots before this
  • #1063 Hedman - we think he'll be productive right away
  • #1231 Shirokov - a good under-the-radar pick that other GMs will miss

Guys to Move Down (down, as in closer to Jeff Finger):

  • #71 Bryzgalov - ranked at 16th best goalie?  We say he's #27
  • #80 Krejci - injured and will have a hard time matching last year's breakout
  • #88 Zherdev - only if your league counts KHL stats
  • #92 Versteeg - doesn't do enough to justify this ranking
  • #114 Jordan Staal - we're not big fans of 3rd liners
  • #132 Langkow - doesn't play with Iggy anymore
  • #133 Lehtonen - we like lower ranked guys like Hiller & Quick more
  • #140 Tkachuk - injury risk and mortality risk
  • #194 Montador - ranked ahead of Coburn and Suter?
  • #209 Upshall - never cracked 35 points in his career
  • #210 Byfuglien - this would make sense if he still had eligibility on D
  • #256 Sundin - sounds like he'll retire