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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Nov 10th, 2009

Dosage Express
Brouwer blows up... Legace?  That's the best you can do?... Ovie is a joker... a crap load more injury news.... basketball trick shots on ice

Daily Diarrhea  

Brouwer,troyTroy Brouwer had an offensive explosion yesterday when he picked up 1+2=3 (including two PP points).  He did have one monster junior season and a pretty good rookie AHL season in 2006-07 but he only put up 26 points in 69 games last year.  Don't expect this kind of game very often.

Manny Legace has been signed by the Canes.  No, we're not joking.  We guess Dan Cloutier wasn't available.  We are all desperate for goalie help but you'd have to be very desperate to pick up Legace:  1) He's not very good  2) The Canes are really struggling and 3) He'll only be starting for a month or so.

Curtis Glencross has been suspended for three games for this hit on Chris Drury.  Adjust your rosters accordingly... his six points this season shouldn't be hard to replace.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Alex Ovechkin said he was joking about his 'I'll be out a month" comments to Puck Daddy.  Good one, Alex... you're a funny friggin' guy.  He should be returning sometime this weekend... so not much longer AO owners.

Giguere,jsJS Giguere will be back in action for the Ducks as the team sent down Justin Pogge.  At the very least he'll be backing up on Wednesday so he's not far away to being back to 100%. 

Brandon Dubinsky is the latest to go down with injury... he'll be out three weeks with a broken bone in his hand.  Hit that waiver wire for a new pivot, Dubie owners.

Petr Sykora has been diagnosed with a concussion and the Wild have no idea how long he'll be out.  Coach Richards said it could be a day-to-day thing or he could be out for months.  Time to cut bait (if you haven't yet); there's probably somebody better on your waiver wire anyway.

The Kris Letang shoulder injury we told you about yesterday will keep him out of the lineup for about two weeks.  We're not sure who's going to step up into Letang's job on the Pens yet.  They are running out of healthy players in Pittsburgh 
Toews,jonathanJonathan Toews
returned for the Hawks last night and picked up a PP goal in 19 minutes of play.  He was out with a concussion but he looks good to get back in your lineup asap.

Don't expect Dave Bolland back anytime soon.  The Hawks are saying he's day-to-day but they've thrown the big bad s-word (surgery) out there as well.  In his absence the Hawks have been trying Kris Versteeg at center which would boost his value a tad.

David Krejci practiced yesterday for the first time and could return as early as tonight's game.  If he's not in tonight it won't be much longer.  Now all we need is for him to start producing anywhere near last year's numbers (.89 ppg last year vs. .36 ppg this year).

Rick Dipietro practiced on back to back days for the first time this season.  Hurray for progress.  Don't hold your breath on this guy but he might be worth a flyer in deep leagues if you can afford the bench spot.  Just don't expect anything out of him.  [more]

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  A little stick tap to Stoeten over at blog for this video.  What do you get if you take a couple of basketball trick shot artists and put them on skates?  This...

Do you think 'Dude Perfect' might have a tiny ego?