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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Nov 20th, 2009

Dosage Express
20 cent turns 21 with 2... Elias not 100%... Rinne is the #1... Some good news in Carolina... Gonchar and Lucic return... a completely random distraction.

Daily Diarrhea  

Kane,patrickPat Kane went 1+1=2 on his 21st birthday last night.  It's always a good sign when you have over 160 points before you drink.

Another Hawk who's putting up the goods this year is Duncan Keith.  He picked up three more assists last night and now has 18 pts in 20 gms... a 73 point pace.  He's never had more than 44 points in a season but he should top 50 this season.

James Neal picked up 19 minutes in penalties last night... but he might pick up a suspension because of the hit that he got the PIM's for.

Elias,patrickA heads up for you Elias owners.  Even though Patrik Elias is back playing, he said that he doesn't expect to be 100% for the rest of the season.  You might want to lower your expectations for Elias this year.  He has only three points in six games so far.  [more]

Zach Parise is on a hot streak and hot for Parise means really hot... like 11 points in his last six games kinda hot.

Boy did Steve Mason (and his owners) ever need this.  26 saves, 27 shots and the W.  After eight goals allowed against Detroit, Mason was on the bench for two straight games for last night's game.  Expect him to settle down and find some consistency soon.

Earlier in the year we were telling you of the goalie battle in Nashville.  Looks like that battle is officially over as Pekka Rinne has stepped up.  After last night's 28 for 30 shot win, he's started eight of 10 and has seven wins in that span.  We told you to stick with Rinne, hopefully you listened. 

Arnott,jasonSince he returned from injury on Nov 5th, Jason Arnott had no goals (and only one point) in six games... until last night when he snagged two goals.  He's playing well below his capabilities (only on pace for 43 points), making him a decent buy-low candidate.... assuming you can handle his injury risk.

Alex Kovalev missed last night's game and will miss a few more to attend the funeral for his wife's mother.  Sit 'im, if you got 'im.

Alex Tanguay had only two points in his first nine games but has picked up 10 in his last 10.  He's useful again, but we still think he's way overvalued in fantasy circles.  He gets hardly any shots, doesn't score enough and he hasn't been a point-a-game player since 2006-07.

Brandon Sutter has been filling in for Eric Staal on the top line (with Ray Whitney & Erik Cole) and is making it count as he's tallied six points in his last four games.  He's been playing a ton lately with more than 20 minutes a game.  He's also a former 11th overall pick so you know he has some talent.  If he keeps going like this, playing time won't be a problem... even when Staal returns.  Grab him in deeper leagues.

Speaking of 1st round picks... Washington called up their first pick in the 2007 draft, John Carlson.  He should make his NHL debut but we wouldn't expect much... we would be surprised if he got more than 10 games this season.  Just give him a few years.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Mike Comrie was out for two games with the flu.  Returned for one.  Then three more on the sidelines.  Back in the lineup for six and then out on Wednesday night.  We were told Comrie was just suffering from the flu... but that didn't sound right to us.  Turns out he has mono.  Not sure why this took so long to discover but he's out until he's fully over it... no word on how long that will be.

Gonchar,sergeiSergei Gonchar made his return last night after missing 12 games with a broken wrist.  He played over 25 minutes so he looks good to start.

Milan Lucic also returned and also went pointless.  He hasn't lit it up this year (three points in seven) but he has 50 point/150 PIM potential.

Kris Versteeg also returned but he scored two goals.  He missed one game with a UBI.  He's now on pace for 59 points, +17 and most surprinsly for Versteeg 255 shots (he had only 139 last year).   

Returning to action from the injured list last night was Max Talbot.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  Not a lot really. 

There's that clip of the Swedish hockey player going through the glass in his goal celebration... but that's been on pretty much every site on the interweb already.

We saw a couple of great lists... Die By The Blade's Ten Rookies Who Have Impressed is full of guys we wish we had on our fantasy team. While Kurtenblog's Most Disappointing Players is full of guys we wish we didn't.   One more list for you... our buddies at Down Goes Brown present the 10 Types of Leaf Fans.  We know way too many guys that fit into 'The Delusional Idiot"

Finally, since things just don't feel right unless we embed a video.  For no rhyme or reason.., here's a classic and a FHS favourite, Cam Neely as Seabass: