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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Nov 24th, 2009

Dosage Express
D-Ro the Hero... avoid Mase... adding Fish, Horton & Arnott... Leclaire taking it on the chin (no joke)... some dude's on the Cheechoo train to InsanityTown  

Daily Diarrhea  

Roloson Dwayne Roloson was a monster last night stopping 58 of 61 shots to beat the Leafs in OT.  Now, we have a life rule that we avoid Islanders goalies but if you're really desperate then give D-Ro a look as he's only lost twice in regulation this year and is 6-1-2 in his last nine games. 

Steve Mason got rocked again last night giving up four goals on 18 shots before getting pulled against the Rangers.  Dude is a risky start for fantasy GMs as he's given up four or more goals in eight of his 17 appearances this year... yikes.

Mike Fisher continued his fine play with the GWG last night and he's 3+4=7, plus-6 with 16 shots in his last four games.  Let the shots be your guiding light as Fish is on pace for 250+ which is well above the 185 he's averaged over the past four seasons.

Arnott The Predators are heating up and one guy to look at is Jason Arnott as he's had four goals during a three game scoring streak.  If you can put up with his nagging habit of missing random games due to injury then grab Arnott as he's one of the more consistent players in the league... check out his points-per-game over the past four seasons:  .94, .79, .91, .88.

This scout finally caved and picked up Nathan Horton in one league... I'm not really a big fan, not really sure why, just doesn't really do it for me... but couldn't resist after he's been smokin lately with 5+11=16 in his last 13 games and is currently on a six game point streak.

The Habs and Wild swapped a few stiffs... the Wild get Guillaume Latendresse, who has always left everyone wanting more and the Habs picked up the equally ineffective Benoit Pouliot.  These guys are both young,  have some talent and could benefit from a fresh start... but we're not counting on it... pass. 

Giguere JS Giguere (we'll throw up the old school jersey to get you in the mood) stopped 41 of 43 last night to pick up his first win of the season and while he's got a lot more work to do before he wins his #1 job back, Jonas Hiller has opened that door with some pretty lacklustre play recently... this is one to keep an eye on.

Take a look at Ian White if you need help on D... in his last 12 games he's 3+6=9, plus-4 with 27 shots and he's really logging a lot of minutes for the Leafs these days.

Four point nights for Marian Gaborik (7+6=13 during a seven game streak), Danny Briere (5+4=9 with 15 PIMs in his last seven games) and Patrice Bergeron (3+7=10 in his last nine games) last night.  All three are injury risks and its worth shopping them around to see what they can fetch you while they're healthy & hot.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):  

Toskala Vesa Toskala pulled himself from the game last night after giving up three goals on 15 shots.  He claims he tweaked his groin but that's not really going to convince the coaching staff to give him more starts.  Look for Jonas Gustavsson to see some additional action over the next little while.  

Pascal Leclaire must live on the 13th floor or be breeding black cats or something cause he just can't get a break.  He was sitting on the bench last night resting his LBI and minding his own business and dude took a puck in the grill... not sure if this will keep him out a while but we'd bet on it.  

Returning to action from the injured list last night was: Marc Savard.     

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Growing up a Wayne Gretzky fan in the 80's this scout had some tough decisions to make when Gretz was shipped off to the Kings.  Do you stick with the team or with your favourite player?  In my ignorant youth, I chose the player and regretted it... especially when he played 18 games with the St. Louis Blues.

Here's another example.  It's 2005-06, you're a big Sharks fan... Joe Thornton comes on board and Jonathan Cheechoo scores 56.  You're hooked with all things Cheechoo.  You buy the jersey.  You go to the games.  You make one of the most insane fan videos in history:

Since 2006, your favourite player starts to stink... and we mean really stink.  Who do you do?  The honourable fans out there stick with their horse (Leaf fans, you know what we're talking about).  But things get even worse for Cheechoo fans.  Last summer, the Sharks ship out your favourite player to the Senators, a team thousands of kilometers away. What do you do?  After our Gretzky decision we would recommend you go out and buy a Heatley jersey and enjoy the ride.  But this guy buys a Senators jersey (and a Team Canada one) and makes this video... taking his already insane fandom to new levels: