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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Jan 14th, 2010

Dosage Express
Hiller under-the-radar... Neuvirth risky... give Chimera & Beleskey a look... calling out some slumping stars... Khaby done... the KHL exposed  

Daily Diarrhea   

Hiller Jonas Hiller extended his winning streak to five games by stopping 27 of 30 and beating the Bruins last night.  He's an underrated pick-up or trade target as he's quietly been one of the best goalies over the past month with these numbers: 9-3-0, 2.29 & .930.

Things had been rolling along just swell for Caps rookie Michal Neuvirth until he got to Florida... he was pulled for the second night in a row last night against the Panthers after giving up four goals on 15 shots, again.  Generally the kid's been pretty good filling in for Varlamov but now he's given up four or more goals in four of his 11 games, so he's a bit of a risky play.  Jose Theodore stepped in and made some pretty major saves to spark the comeback and the eventual shootout win... look for a little more of Theo for the next few games until Varlamov is ready to come back.  

Alex Burrows proved that the whole Auger mess isn't affecting him as he extended his point streak to seven games with a goal last night (and added four PIMs)... he's got 10+2=12 during the streak.

Gordie Howe This is one for GMs in deeper leagues... Jason Chimera had the Gordie Howe Hat-Trick last night and now has 2+3=5 with 11 PIMs in seven games with the Caps.  He's worth a look as he'll give you PIMs & shots and although he's not seeing as much ice-time in Washington, he's playing with much better linemates.

After going without a goal in his first 21 games this year, Ducks rookie Matt Beleskey now has four in his last five games... in potentially related news, he's been lining up on the 1st line with Getzlaf and Perry lately... give him a look but keep your expectations in check and keep an eye on FantasyHockey911 to see if he's sticking on L1.

Mikael Samuelsson is taking his Olympic snub personally as he's had 5+3=8, a plus-5 with 28 shots in his last nine games... nice production but just watch out as he's bound to lose key minutes with Pavol Demitra close to returning.

There's some slumping stars that deserve to be called out, although the GMs that own these guys are already well aware... Geno Malkin is 0+6=6 & a minus-8 in his last 10 games, Jarome Iginla is 1+3=4 in his last 10 and is Brenden Morrow hurt or something as dude only has 1+3=4 with nine shots over his last 12 games... nine shots, wtf???

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):  

Khabibulin The Oilers and Nikolai Khabibulin have decided that back surgery is the way to go so he's out for three months and most likely the rest of the season... not really a shock here as this has been discussed for a while but still not easy for the Oilers to swallow.  They've said that they're not looking for help in goal and will continue to roll with the kids (and improve their draft position, I'm sure).

Teemu Selanne was cold-cocked by a puck last night and fractured his jaw... not sure how long he'll be out but a month is the initial estimate.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  This picture (via Stoeten) of Darcy Verot and that goon, Jaromir Jagr, tangling in that KHL brawl the other day.  Thanks to Pomahob (or the guy under Pomahob) for the reveal as for those that have always wondered if Verot prefers boxers or briefs, the answer is... thong.