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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Jan 31st, 2010

Dosage Express
Iggy wakes up... white-hot JoePa... ship sails on buying Ward low... BE, Kopi and A-Mac are all streakin... no luck would be better than Souray's luck... a hockey musical?

Daily Diarrhea   

Iginla Jarome Iginla may have awoken from his slumber as he got his first goal in 12 games earlier this week and with 2+2=4 and fight last night, he's up to 3+5=8 in his last five games... expect a big finish from Iggy as he's too good to be producing this far below his typical level.

The white-hot streak continued for Joe Pavelski as he has multi-point efforts in five of his last six games for 6+6=12 in total.  This guy's a solid little fantasy player as he'll chip in with some PP points and will give you a lot of shots.

The Leafs just bent over and allowed the Sedin's to have their way with them and the twins and Burrows obliged with a combined 5+4=9 & 16 shots on goal... there's not much more to say about these guys... fantasy gold.

Cam Ward stopped 41 of 43 to pull off the upset win over the Hawks and combine that with the fact that he's won four straight (while only giving up five goals) and eight of his last 12 and we hope that you listened to our advice to buy-low on this guy as that ship has probably sailed.

Elliott Brian Elliott extended his streak to seven straight wins and by giving up two goals his gaa during the streak actually goes up to 1.14... so watch out, he's really slipping (we jest).

A lot of GMs probably bailed on Anze Kopitar after he went through a 20 game mid-season stretch with only 2+6=8... but if you hung on then you're being rewarded as has a five game point streak going with 4+5=9.

Andy McDonald has exactly one point in each of his last seven (3+4=7)... we've been talking him up lately as he's a great long-term add for those short on LW. 

Jonas Hiller signed a four-year contract extension that keeps him from becoming a UFA at the end of the season... good move for the Ducks and this probably means that Giggy is on the move or will be bought out in the offseason. 

If you're a big fan of Lukas Krajicek (we're not) then you'll be interested to know that he had his contract terminated by Tampa and has signed with Philadelphia.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):  

Souray Sheldon Souray wanted revenge on Jarome Iginla for that hit from behind earlier in the year that took him out for 16 games, so he dropped the gloves with Iggy last night and picked up a broken hand for his troubles... how's that for luck.  Not sure how long he's out for but this could mean that the Oilers won't be able to move him before the deadline.

Mike Cammalleri left yesterday's game with a knee injury, he'll be re-evaluated in the next few days.

Nick Foligno suffered a broken leg yesterday and will be out 6-8 weeks... too bad as the kid was starting to really produce.

David Booth is expected to make his return to the ice today, he's been out since October so we'd expect that he'll need some time to find his game but good news nonetheless.

Returning to action last night from the injured list was: Marco Sturm, Josh Harding, Joel Ward and Erik Johnson.   

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  So apparently there is going to be a musical based on our favourite sport (hockey)...called "Score: The Musical".  This can't be a good sign.  But it will allow us to make fun of something other than "The Tooth Fairy".

One big star has signed up to the project... Olivia Newton-John is pegged to play a hockey mom in the film.  Yes that's right, an Australian has signed on to play the hockey mom.  This isn't good at all.

We need a good laugh now... lucky for us the guys over at Bloge Salming released another video this week.  It might not be their funniest piece of work... but it does tear a piece off Brian Burke, so we're on board.