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Announcement: Off Your Medication

Medication So no NHL games for two weeks, apparently there's some thingy called the "Olympics" going on???... we'll have to look into that... I heard Forsberg may play, that should be good for a laff.

As a result, we're taking the unprecedented step of NOT providing you with your dosage on a daily basis as we assumed that you didn't need a continuous loop of us babbling on about how much we're still in love with Steve Stamkos or how we think this might be the night that Antti Niemi takes over the starting job (despite them not playing at all) or how Ray Whitney still hasn't been traded... so a break is probably what's best for everyone. 

We'll chime in if there's anything really fantasy worthy that comes up in the next two weeks and meanwhile we'll be cranking out a bunch of other posts, so best not be a stranger... and your Daily Dosage will be back come March.

God Bless