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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Feb 2nd, 2010

Dosage Express
Potential boost for Olli is official... Flames barely make Emery sweat... Gagner, Vanek & Jussi feeling it... Hiller feels the heat... Cammalleri out 6-8... Dion is excited x27  

Daily Diarrhea   

Jokinen The deal between the Flames and Rangers became official right after the game last night and so Olli Jokinen (& Brandon Prust) goes to the Rangers for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik.  All these guys are having brutal seasons relative to the expectations and we don't see any of them changing that although there is potential for Jokinen as its expected that he'll get a chance to line up with Gaborik and they could click... but we wouldn't count on it.

Ray Emery managed to shutout the high powered Flames attack as they threw everything they had into their 18 shots on net (yikes) but Emery was up to the task.  He's been very solid since returning from injury going 5-3-0 with a 2.17 & .919 in eight straight starts but the schedule has been less than challenging so we'll see how he does when the competition gets a little stiffer.

Ian White was second on the Flames with 21:43 of ice-time and saw some time on the 2nd PP unit... we're interested to see how long it takes them to realize that this guy is best used in a lesser role.

Gagner After not winning for the entire month of January, the Oilers are now undefeated in February after beating the Canes last night... our boy Sam Gagner had another goal and is 5+1=6 with 26 shots in his last six games.  Not getting it done for the Oil lately has been Dustin Penner as he has 4+3=7 in his last 20 games... he played a season low 13 minutes last night, not sure of the reason, frankly we don't care, this guy is completely droppable. 

We've been watching Thomas Vanek lately as we're hoping for a second half run from him and he's doing his best to deliver with 5+5=10 in his last nine games.

Sidney Crosby with the hat-trick last night, nothing earth-shattering there but with 13+9=22 over his last 13 games, he's moved into a tie for the league lead in goals (with Marleau) and now sits 3rd in points... pretty amazing how he's turned himself into a sniper this year.

Jussi Jokinen continued his hot patch with another goal last night and he has 7+6=13 in his last nine games... great add for those who need help on LW although its likely too late in most leagues.

Hiller Jonas Hiller must be feeling the heat of having Vesa Toskala playing behind him as he posted the 33 save shutout last night.  No honestly, Hiller's been one of the best goalies over the past month: 10-4-0, 2.20 & .931... start him with confidence. 

JM Liles was a healthy scratch on Sunday night after putting up 1+7=8 in his last 10 games... they want this guy to go away, for the sake of fantasy GM, lets hope it happens.

With Selanne returning, the Ducks sent Matt Beleskey to the minors and with Pascal Leclaire ready to return, the Senators have sent Mike Brodeur back to the AHL... tough for Brodeur as he looked fantastic in his past two games before going down with the flu and Brian Elliott has been unbeatable since.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):  

Cammalleri Mike Cammalleri is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks due to his knee injury, which by our math is less than the rest of the season, so that's good news as there was speculation that his season was over.  

Teemu Selanne returned from his broken jaw a few weeks earlier than expected and he proved that he can be effective by potting a goal last night.    

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Obviously the hockey world (well at least Toronto) is all abuzz over the arrival of Dion and J.S. to Ontario's capital.  Thanks to our new friends at SGMFC, we got to watch Dion tell us he's excited... really, really excited to be a Leaf. (sorry about the lack of embedding, but TSN wouldn't want to make things easy)

Terrible Dion interview aside, you've probably been reading the reactions of everybody from Down Goes Brown to Bob McKenzie on the blockbuster.

Thanks to the man Stoeten we got to read (fake) Bryan McCabe's thoughts on Phaneuf coming to the Leafs over on Hockey Independent.

We'll give you the last two lines of McCabe's 'letter' just to entice you to read the whole thing:

"Anyways screw you guys, playing in Florida is wicked, I’ve scored like 5 goals in my own net and no-one even notices.

P.S. As of today I have two more points than Phaneuf and with a better plus minus. Just sayin’."

He makes a few good points there.