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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Feb 8th, 2010

Dosage Express
Thoughts from the Big Game... Malkin on pace to crack 100... Rask stealing from Timmy... Satan not the answer... showcasing Lehtonen... Test your hockey smarts on Jeopardy  

Daily Diarrhea   

Ovechkin CrosbySo it was a Sid vs Ovie fest yesterday as they squared off in DC, Crosby jumped out to the lead with two early markers but Ovechkin bettered him by one with the hat-job... there may or may not have been other players participating in this game, we didn't really notice.  Rather quietly, Ovie has moved into an eight point lead (over Hank Sedin) in the points race and Sid now sits second (behind Ovie) in goals (39 to 42).

Apparently other players were there as Geno Malkin is said to have had two assists and that extended his point streak to 10 games... he has 7+11=18 during the streak.  Did you know that Malkin has 72 PIMs on the year and is on pace to crack 100 this year... we didn't realize that until, like, just now. 

Speaking of PIMs, Mike Knuble chipped in a few yesterday, as he jumped in to defend Ovie's honour and picked up 17 PIMs for his troubles... never fear though as he returned, picked up two points including the GWG and now has 8+6=14 in his last 10 games.

Rask Tuukka Rask started his third straight game for the Bruins yesterday and posted a 36 save shutout of the Habs... while the Bruins have been reeling lately, Rask has been very steady (1-2-2, 1.98 & .926 in his last seven games) whereas Tim Thomas has been more like the reason that they've been losing (0-4-1, 3.46 & .861 in his last five).  There's speculation that the Bruins are trying to deal Thomas but regardless, Rask might be stealing his #1 job... keep an eye on our Crease Conflicts (which we'll be updating today, promise).

As we suspected, Miroslav Satan was not the answer to the Bruins scoring woes as he doesn't have a point in his last eight and only two goals in 16 games on the season.  I mean, I wasn't dumb enough to pick up this guy in a fantasy league yet the real GMs are more than willing to throw money at guys like this... weak.

Antero Niittymaki's been on fire lately, check this out... 6-0-1 with a 1.11 & .963 in his last seven games.  He's started 11 of the past 12, a run which began when Mike Smith went down with a sore neck and he's given Rick Tocchet no choice but to keep playing him.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):  

Lehtonen Kari Lehtonen is back baby!... well that is if he doesn't hurt himself in the next few days... he's finished up his conditioning stint in the AHL, is back with the Thrashers and should probably get into a game or two this week before the Olympic break.  The speculation is that Atlanta wants to showcase him for a trade... on a better team, this guy could be pretty useful, health permitting.

David Krejci left yesterday's game with a LBI but it's not considered serious, so he may be able to return in the Bruins next game on Tuesday.

Missed this one from Saturday, Steve Montador left the game with an undisclosed injury after chucking the knuckles with Jared Boll.  

Johnny Boychuk took a shot to the face on Saturday and has a broken orbital bone, so he's out for a while.

Returning to action from the injured list yesterday was: Chris Kunitz.     

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  We were over on Yahoo's baseball version of Puck Daddy, Big League Stew, and 'Duk has an awesome Jeopardy inspired post you should check out if you like the diamond game.

'Duk asks:
"Let's say you're on 'Jeopardy!' and you're absolutely routing your two opponents. You have $40,000 going into the final round, while one of your opponents has, let's say, $15,000. You're guaranteed to move onto the next day, but the final category comes up and it has something to do with baseball, which is your favorite sport. How much — if anything — do you risk?"

So we thought we would completely copy his idea but replace baseball with hockey.  It seems to fit better as Trebek is not only a Canadian but he's also an awesome Canadian:

Anyway there have been only four hockey-related Final Jeopardy questions according to J! Archive.

1) In 1951 Elizabeth II attended one of these in Canada; she attended her next one, also in Canada, on October 6, 2002

2) This National Hockey League team regularly practices for fans at the world's largest mall

3) Before the first winter games in 1924, this sport was played in the summer games; Canada won gold in 1920

4) Pioneered by pro hockey player Scott Olsen, it had 3 million U.S. participants in 1989 & has 30 million now

Those questions kinda sucked.  (We did post the answers at the very bottom of this post if you care).  So we did a bit more digging... EIGHT times 'Hockey' or 'NHL' has managed to hold a whole Jeopardy category!  Impressive.  Three of those were in Double Jeopardy so they could (but probably not) be a bit harder:

HOCKEY QUOTES from Oct 27, 2009 (click for answers)

$400 - This comedian who got no respect said, "I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out"

$800 - After an injured player couldn't remember who he was, Coach Ted Green said, "Tell him he's" this "Great One"

$1200 - Defenseman Barry Beck of this Big Apple team: "We have only one person to blame, and that's each other"

NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE from Apr 24, 2006 (click for answers)

$400 - Completes the nickname of Olaf Kolzig seen here--"Olie the ____"

$800 - The logo seen here belongs to this storied franchise

$1200 - The Rangers are at home, so the game is at this arena

$1600 - The trophy for the player with the most goals each season is named for Maurice Richard, famously nicknamed this

$2000 - This legendary Boston defenseman is seen here scoring a championship-winning goal

HOCKEY TEAMS' HOMES from May 27, 2004 (click for answers)

$400 - Arrowhead Pond

$800 - Madison Square Garden

$1200 - Mellon Arena

HOCKEY from Mar 30, 1998 (click for answers)

$200 - A depiction of Long Island appears on the logo of this NHL team

$400 - A starting lineup consists of 2 defensemen, 3 forwards & this player, the only one allowed to hold the puck

$600 - Most shots in hockey are wrist shots, or these in which a full backswing is used to gain more force

$800 - In 1924 this Boston team became the first from the U.S. to join the NHL

$1000 - The game of cricket gave us this term for 3 or more goals scored by a player in a game

We're assuming you got them all too, right?  Most of those questions were missed by the so-called experts on the show.  You feel smarter now, right?  Feels good doesn't it?

So now you know if you're ever on Jeopardy and 'Hockey' comes up... bet the damn farm!


Answers to Final Jeopardy Questions: 1) Hockey, 2) Edmonton, 3) Hockey, 4) Rollerblading