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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Mar 20th, 2010

Dosage Express
Nabby thinks it's the playoffs... A-Cog isn't dead... breakout paces for Howard and Okposo... Stafford and Cammalleri are close... Claude vs. McCarty: Revisited

Daily Diarrhea   

Nash, rickRick Nash picked up two goals last night.  That's great and all but he's still on pace for his lowest point total (67) since 2006-07.  Somebody get this guy a centerman!

Jimmy Howard's incredible breakout season continues... even though he picked up the loss in SO to the lowly Oilers.  He's stepped up and taken the mantle as the teams #1 (he's started 17 straight games) and is 6th in the league in gaa and 4th in sv%. 

Nabokov,evgeniEvgeni Nabokov and the Sharks picked up their fourth straight loss last night.  Maybe the Olympic break has confused them and they think it's the playoffs already?  Nabby's given up 14 goals and has a sv% of .859 in the losing streak.    

Interesting fact... did you know Andrew Cogliano is still in the league?  We kid... and for good reason,  the guy scored just eight points from November to February.  Well don't look now but A-Cog has eight points in his last ten games.  Remember he picked up 45 points as a rookie two years ago.

Okposo,kyleOne of our favourites, Kyle Okposo, picked up two goals last night.  Not bad for a guy that wasn't expected to play because of a minor undisclosed injury.  He's now sporting a tidy 16+28=44 in his 2nd NHL season.  He's on pace for a breakout 51 points now.

Nigel Dawes scored his 11th goal of the year last night.  He has 1+1=2 in three games since he returned from injury/scratching.  It was his first goal since Dec. 17th.  He might help a few of you in very deep leagues down the stretch.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):   
Connolly,timA couple of injury notes out of Buffalo.  Drew Stafford is very close to returning from his groin injury while Tim Connolly may miss a game or two because he's on pace to play in every game this year... which is soooo un-Connolly like.  Actually, the Sabres are saying it's a bruise on his foot.

Cammalleri, michaelMichael Cammalleri practiced with the Habs yesterday and said things couldn't have gone better.  Expect him back this weekend... he's definitely somebody you'll want to get back into your lineup if he's 100%.

Returning to action from the injured list last night was: Ryan Getzlaf   

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Thanks to Puck Daddy for sending us over to TSN to check out Claude Lemieux vs. Darren McCarty on Off The Record.  McCarty and Lemieux have never spoken since the hey day of the Avs-Wings rivalry... so this interview has a few interesting moments of tension.  We love tension!  It's a great watch and definitely worth your time.

TSN won't let us embed the video so click here to check out the whole thing, otherwise here's a five minute teaser: