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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Apr 3rd, 2010

Dosage Express
Koivu going off... eyes on rookies Couture, Grabner and Benn... Bourque's been studly... spears can't stop Downie... everybody making their own "History will be made"   

Daily Diarrhea   

Koivu_Saku Saku Koivu is going ballistic lately with 3+4=7 in his last two games and 6+8=14 in his last 10.  His first season away from Montreal is likely to end with similar numbers to his last year with the Habs... he's not really fantasy starter worthy but useful for short stretches.  The Ducks play four games next week so Saku could be worth a look.

Logan Couture scored the GWG last night and the Sharks rookie has points in four of his last five games.  He's been filling in for Joe Thornton in the Sharks top 6 and isn't likely to see a lot of those opportunities when Joe comes back but we're very high on this kid as he showed that he can dominate in the AHL this year with 53 points in 42 games as a rookie down there and we think he'll be a full-timer in San Jose next season. 

A hat-trick last night for Canucks rookie Michael Grabner and he has points in three straight... dude's a shooter and a goal scorer and not much else.  He was a sniper in junior and a 30 goal man in the AHL but we have doubts if he can translate this to the show but games like this are encouraging.

Bourque Rene Bourque had the game winner last night, he has goals in three straight and 6+2=8 in his last nine games.  Staying healthy this year has been key for him and he's been one of our favourite six-category studs.

Mike Del Zotto had a nice start to the year (4+8=12 & plus-4 in his first 12 games) and it looks like he wants to have a big finish as well as he has 2+5=7 & a plus-3 in his last six games.  We won't mention (actually, we will) the meat section of the schedule where he was 3+14=17 with a minus-27 in 57 games.

2+1=3 last night for Jamie Benn and while he hasn't been able to go on a run to grab a lot of headlines this year he has put together a very solid rookie season with 21+18=39 & 171 shots in 78 games so far... he'll be a prime breakout candidate for next year.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):   

Downie Steve Downie was speared in the mid-section by an errand stick and had to leave the game in the 1st period to go to hospital... but he returned to play in the 3rd, so he seems to be ok.  

Gilbert Brule left last night's game with an ankle injury, not sure on the extent.

Marty Havlat sat out last night's game due to an illness... so unless he's pulling a Sergei Gonchar, he should be back soon.

Returning to action from the injured list last night was: Brandon Yip, Mike Modano, Dustin Penner, Ryan Jones, Cam Barker, Ryane Clowe, ME Vlasic, Daniel Sedin and Alex Burrows.  

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  We've been putting up a few parody versions of  "History Will Be Made" up here the last few weeks... well it looks like the flood gates have opened.  Look what we found on YouTube:

A bitter Nashville fan asks... "What if Radulov wasn't such a spaz?"  Well, the Preds might be able to score more than two goals a game, for one.

Here's a bitter Oilers fan still stewing over 2006... let it go man... "What if Conklin wasn't a screwup?"   

We would be willing to bet Dennis Wideman isn't a supporter of the shootout... "What if Dennis could score?"

You want bizarre, we have bizarre... "What if Marian Gaborik was a jedi?"   

It's a video we never needed to see again but for the blood thirsty out there. here you go... "What if Malarchuk never bled?"  (don't watch if you have a weak stomach)

The Sharks' playoff failures make great comedy... only problem is to properly document them, you'll need three minutes instead of just 30 seconds... "What if the Sharks hadn't played the Oilers, Wings, Stars or Ducks?"

Surprisingly, Huet makes the list with a good play... "What if Huet played this good all the time?"

Being a Red Wing fan this Scout took particular enjoyment in this one... "What if Roy hadn't been a cock?"

We think we need to move on from sloppy seconds jokes but on the plus side we never get tired of seeing Phaneuf on his ass... "What if Sean's seconds weren't so sloppy?"

This was looking like one for the boring pile (see below) until we saw the tag line... "What if the Leafs kept Leeman?"

Let's hope Tommy Salo isn't a reader, he'd have to be getting tired of seeing this clip... "What if Tommy Salo could save slap shots?"

TheDownSouthSoldier turns the tables on Bettman and uses his own commercial against him... way to stick it to the man... "What if Bettman weren't the NHL commissioner?"

Featuring one of our favourite clips of all time... "What if Stefan didn't suck?"

Remember Domi v. Flyer Fan?... "What if the fan wasn't a fatty?"

You know Down Goes Brown had to have a part in this one... "What if Rob Brown called in sick?"

You'll have to watch it to get the title... "What if 'Geno didn't steal Ward's liquor license'?"

Another announcer themed clips... What if Rick Jeanneret didn't go into broadcasting?"

Our buddies over at The Royal Half are getting in on the action as well.  The pose a great question in ... "What if Marty McSorley wasn't an idiot?"  They could have picked from a couple of clips for that question.

Here's a couple of ones that played it pretty straight... which disappoints us:
"What if the A Line was just a line?" featuring Jason Arnott
"What if magnificence hadn't come from someone unexpected?" featuring Darren McCarty
"What if Lupul wasn't 'there'?" featuring, yup you guessed it, Joffrey Lupul
"What if Mayday never came?" featuring Brad May
"What if there was instant replay in the 90's" featuring Laurie Boschman
"What if playoff series were decided on paper?" featuring Ales Hemsky
"What if overtime only lasted 5 minutes in the playoffs?" featuring Igor Larionov
"What if Joe was an ordinary Joe?" featuring Joe Sakic