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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Apr 12th, 2010

Dosage Express
Stamkos sneaks out a tie... Vanek puts bow on steaming pile... Parise + Kovy = mediocre... playoff eyes on Bolland & Holmstrom...  Stafford & Cooke concussed... the new Bloge  

Daily Diarrhea   

Severely delayed Dosage today as we've been mucho occupido getting the Playoff Pool Guide up and running... get your copy for only $4.00 

Richard The Rocket Richard Trophy race came right down to the last day and last few minutes as Sidney Crosby's two goals yesterday gave him 51 and a one goal lead over Steve Stamkos and Alex Oveckhin but then Stamkos got the old Gretzky special with the empty netter with 13 seconds left to tie Sid.  As much as we're not a fan of ties, both guys are deserving winners and all three put on a good show.

Thomas Vanek put a nice little bow on his disappointing season as he had a goal last night to go with the quad he had on Saturday... he finishes the year with 28 but any way you slice it, he was a letdown this year after averaging 40 goals over the prior three seasons.

Zach Parise's minutes have dropped since Ilya Kovalchuk arrived in Newark and while it seems like he's been pretty quiet lately, he does have 13+12=25 in 26 games since Kovalchuk arrived, so he hasn't been too quiet.

Bolland Dave Bolland scored last night and while he's been a disappointment this year with only 6+10=16 in 39 games, don't totally write him off in playoff pools... he had a good post-season last year with 4+8=12 in 17 games and is guaranteed to play with some talented linemates as the Hawks #2C.

Tomas Holmstrom is one of those guys that this scout always passes on cause he's perpetually hurt or teasing because he plays with so much talent on the Wings top line & #1 PP unit.  Well another scout brought to my attention yesterday that he's been on fire lately with 5+7=12 in his last nine games to finish the year and been very solid over the past two months or so with 10+14=24 in his last 26 games... but don't blame me if he goes down injured tomorrow cause that's always a possibility.

Rick Tocchet and Brian Lawton are out in Tampa Bay... well that didn't take the new owner long.  You know when guys are fired and people say, "those guys won't be out of work long"... well that doesn't apply here.  At least Tocchet can say that guided Stamkos to a share of the Richard Trophy and Lawton probably has enough stories to write a book about the Koules & the Gang era in T-Bay.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):   

Stafford Drew Stafford suffered a concussion on Saturday night and he was unavailable for Sunday's game... the Sabres aren't saying much about his status as it's the playoffs and you just don't do that.

Matt Cooke was KO'd by Evander Kane on Saturday and he missed yesterday's game with a concussion... not sure how long he's out for.  Btw, Kane & Marc Savard are now friends. 

Brooks Orpik left Saturday's game with a LBI and he sat out Sunday's game as well... we're expecting that he'll be ready to go for the playoffs.   Not really fantasy news but good to know regardless as Orpik is a key player for the Penguins. 

TJ Galiardi missed the previous two games due to a torso injury but he was able to return to the lineup last night and looks good to go for the playoffs. 

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  We've been killing ourselves trying to get our 2010 Playoff Pool Guide ready for your hot little hands today... so there hasn't been too much time for us to be distracted. 

We'll take the easy way out and post Bloge Salming's latest video... lucky for us the easy way is also the hilarious way this time: