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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - Apr 26th, 2010

Dosage Express
Lu stands for Lucky... Quick owners: be nervous... hopefully JJ builds on playoffs... Hossa gets off... Skinner stands out in O... Savard getting close... Kirstie Alley: Massive Caps fan   

Daily Diarrhea   

Luongo Roberto Luongo came up huge for the Canucks in game #6 last night as they were being dominated by the Kings early on and outshot 26-11 through two periods.   But one of the greatest/luckiest saves you'll ever see on Ryan Smyth in the 2nd period [video] may have been the turning point as the Canucks rallied in the 3rd period and stole this one, eliminating the Kings.  Luongo was not spectacular in the series (.893 sv%) but he came up with the spectacular saves when he needed to.

At the other end of the ice, Jonny Quick was not good enough for the Kings as he only stopped 18 of 21 and finishes the series with a 3.50 gaa & .884 sv%.  He had a fine year but closes it out with losses in 17 of his last 23 games... that will leave a sour taste in your mouth all summer.  Despite being under contract for three more seasons in LA, we'd be nervous if we owned Quick as Jonathan Bernier looks ready to be in the NHL full-time and will push Quick for playing time next year.

Other than Quick, the thing that really did the Kings in was the lack of secondary scoring as Brown, Frolov, Smyth, Stoll & Williams combined for only four goals and a minus-16 in the series.

Johnson_J A positive for the Kings (& fantasy GMs) in the series was Jack Johnson as he logged a lot of ice-time and was a danger at both ends of the ice with seven assists (four on the PP) and a minus-5.  We'd like to think that Johnson will grow from this experience and build on his breakout season next year... we like him as a future five-category stud (his plus/minus is always awful).

As we said yesterday, the NHL would find a way to justify not suspending Marian Hossa... and they did, using the old, "first time offender" trick... so basically you could murder someone on the ice but as long as you've never done it before, the NHL will give you a mulligan.

Windsor pulled off the crazy comeback after being down 3-0 in their series to the Kitchener Rangers yesterday and they'll advance to the OHL finals against Barrie.  Taylor Hall's been leading the way with 14+14=28 in 15 playoff games so far but the real standout performance was from Jeff Skinner of the Rangers who had 8+5=13 in the series and 20+13=33 in 20 playoff games.  He's been slowly climbing in our Consolidated NHL Draft Rankings, currently ranked #17 for the 2010 NHL Draft.

Injury Updates    

Savard Marc Savard is going to meet with another doctor today to determine if it's possible that he's gone from not being able to sit with the lights on a few weeks ago to being cleared for game #6. We'd say a return tonight looks unlikely but wouldn't be surprised to see him if this goes seven.

The Sabres are going to leave it up to Thomas Vanek to decide if he's ready to return from his ankle injury tonight... expect him to go. 

Mike Leighton is back practicing on that bad ankle that was supposed to keep him out for at least eight weeks... it's only been six but he may be healthy enough to sit on the bench and back-up Brian Boucher when round #2 starts. 

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Ever wonder what Kirstie Alley would look like as a Washington Capital... alright maybe that's just us.  Well through the power of this site (on the Caps homepage) you can turn anyone into a massive Caps fan/player complete with talking head and Stephen Hawking voice over.  Check out Kirstie's heartwarming message here