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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 12th, 2010

Dosage Express
GAME SEVVVVVVEEENNNN... Toews & Kane too much for Luongo... Canucks D gives up 34.2 shots/game... Dallas re-ups Lehtonen... a Frenchman to watch at WC... Giroux ready to go... the vast history of Danish hockey  

Daily Diarrhea   

Pachulia Big game #7 tonight.  You know who likes game 7?  Zaza Pachulia likes game 7... GAME SEVVVVVVEEENNNN!!! 

Hard to single out one or two Hawks as they had contributions from a lot of guys in taking out the Canucks but you gotta mention Jonathan Toews as he has a nine game point streak going with 6+13=19 during the run and Pat Kane had 3+5=8 in the six game series.

Whereas on the other side, a guy like Mike Samuelsson, who had seven goals in the 1st round vs LA could only muster one goal in the six games against Chicago.

Roberto Luongo gave up five goals on 35 shots last night and it just wasn't his series and he finishes with averages of 3.54 & .897 against the Hawks.  While he has to shoulder a lot of the blame here, the Canucks defence was far from solid as they allowed the Hawks an average of 34.2 shots /60mins.

Lehtonen Dallas re-signed Kari Lehtonen to a three year deal and they'll be looking to him as their #1 next year... wow, that's a lot of faith in a guy who's averaged 35 games a season over the past three and has dealt with all sorts of non-freak injuries, like a sore back & groin.  Let's hope that Dallas brings in a capable back-up for next year cause then that guy will be an easy recommendation for us.

The Sharks have signed 2008 4th rounder Harri Sateri to an entry level deal.  The Finnish goalie has put up decent numbers the past two years in the SM-Liiga and looks like a nice prospect but he joins a very crowded Sharks pool of goalies... and while there's a lot of potential there, it looks to be heavy on guys that need some seasoning in the minors and light on guys that are NHL ready... it will be interesting to see how it all shakes down.

The past few days we've been hitting on some players that fantasy GMs should keep an eye on at the World Championships and we've got one more for ya as he was a late addition to the French roster...

Stephane Da Costa, 20, F, France - he led all freshman in the NCAA in scoring this year with 45 points in 34 games for Merrimack and was one of the top scorers in the USHL with 67 points in 48 games in 2008/09.  There were whispers that some teams were looking to sign him after one year of school but nothing has happened yet... surely scouts will be watching him closely at the WCs. 

Injury Updates   

Giroux The word is that Claude Giroux suffered a shoulder injury in Game #5 when he was rammed into the boards and apparently that made him woozie... perhaps he had a head injury as well?  Either way, the team says he'll be ready to go tonight.

Brian Boucher hurt both his knees the other night and has a sprained MCL in his left knee that will keep him out a month... so his playoffs are over.

Kudos to Sami Salo for sucking it up and getting out there last night, he's usually pretty fragile so it was impressive to see him playing through some obvious pain.

Apparently Ryan Kesler hurt his shoulder part way through the LA series and that really limited him during the Chicago series... he was held to only four assists in six games.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Greatest Hockey Legends brings you Greatest Hockey Injuries.  Sami Salo's ruptured testicle looks like nothing compared to dying.

- New blog Puck Worlds has a interesting (and in depth) look at Denmark's hockey history.  Cool stuff.

- Sorry Vancouver fans... at least you had fun at the Olympics (thanks to Hockee Night for the image):


- Awesome post from Behind The Net about hitting the iron.  Unbelievably the verdict is Steve Stamkos is even more awesome than we realized.

- A streaker after the Habs stretched their series to seven.  Around the 1:10 mark he surprises the patrons of a Tim Horton's... gives a whole new meaning to Boston Cream doesn't it?