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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 18th, 2010

Dosage Express
Caps get their fill on Swedish centermen... Monster is scary at worlds... potential injury combacks for the Flyers... Jedi mind tricks in Montreal

Daily Diarrhea   

No more NHL hockey again last night.  As much as we're enjoying the playoffs we're starting to realize how boring things are going to be this summer.

Backstrom,niklas Nicklas Backstrom hit pay dirt as he signed a 10 year $67 million deal yesterday.  10+ years with Ovechkin will help out the old career numbers, won't they?  He's actually probably a bit underrated in fantasy circles as he should be a top five producer in points but doesn't seem to get drafted like it. 

The Caps also signed their 1st rounder from 2009, Swede Marcus Johansson.  The deal contains a European out clause which allows him to return to Europe.  He's sixth on the Caps prospect list and projects as a future 2nd line center.  We wouldn't count on him making an impact this coming season but he's a guy to keep in the back of your mind.  He picked up 20 points in 42 games with Farjestad last season.

Florida's eighth best prospect, Evgeni Dadonov, said "If Florida will give me the guarantee that I will play (in the NHL), then I will remain. If no clear promises are given (by the Panthers), if they do not give (me a) chance to appear, then I am ready to play for Traktor (in Russia)." (from LBC).  He scored only 40 points in 76 AHL games so we're not sure he's ready for the big show yet.  We can't see the Cat's caving into his demands so this might get ugly.  You might want to avoid Dadonov in prospect leagues until this gets cleared up.

Jonas Gustavsson showed what he can do when he has a decent team in front of him as he led Sweden to a 3-1 win over Canada at the World's.  He's now sporting some impressive numbers: 2-1 with 1.67 gaa and .945 sv%.  Good signs for next year.

 Injury Updates   

Carter,jeff'Sources' are saying that Jeff Carter could be back for Game #2.  He was on the ice yesterday for 15 minutes on his own which is great progress but sounds like he's got a long way to go to return.

Some more good injury news for the Flyers as Ian Laperriere has been cleared for contact and should return at some point in the Montreal series.  He had a brain contusion (from a slap shot to the face) so we wouldn't expect the Flyers to push him back too quickly.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- More bad puns courtesy for The Royal Half.

- Down Goes Brown takes a closer look at why the Bruins fell apart.

- We showed you the video of Mike Cammalleri's pregame visualization technique last week.  Well, thanks to the Internet (and Stoeten at Buzz Feed) things just got a little more awesome: