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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 1st, 2010

Dosage Express
Penguins PP perfect... expect Halak to be back... Subban scores first... Riopel rolling over Q... Flames sign All-Star... Markov & Staal look hurt... random collection of distractioness

Daily Diarrhea   

Gonchar The Penguins PP was dynamite last night converting on all four of their chances and getting goals from dmen Sergei Gonchar, Kris Letang and Alex Goligoski.  The PP has been a real boon for the 'guins in the playoffs as it's clicking at a 34.4% rate after being the 19th ranked unit during the regular season at 17.2%.

Jaroslav Halak was the victim on five goals (out of 20 shots) last night before being chased in the 3rd period.  Just an off night for him, we don't expect them to make the same mistake they made in round #1 and throw Carey Price in there for a start... Halak will be back in the net for game #2.

Subban PK Subban scored his first NHL goal last night and the kid now has four points in his first five NHL games... even with the Habs having six of their current dmen signed for 2010/11, we don't see anyway that this guy is not a regular in their lineup and putting up points right away next season.

Moncton beat St.John 5-1 last night in game #1 of the Q finals, they've been led all playoffs by goaltender Nicola Riopel, a 5th round pick of the Flyers last year, who's 13-3 with a 1.85 &.940 in 16 games so far.  Riopel was MVP of the Q last year and may have repeated this year if he hadn't played half the season with Adirondack in the AHL... he's looking like a keeper.   

Also out of the Q, the Habs signed their 2009 5th round pick, Gabriel Dumont to an entry level deal... he led the league in goals with 51 this year but due to his size (5'9") he'll have to prove that he can handle the rough stuff in the AHL next year.

The Flames signed 21-year old Barrie forward Bryan Cameron as a free agent... he was originally drafted by LA a few years ago but never signed but he's been an OHL first team All-Star the past two years and led the league in goals (53) this year.  He's probably destined for some time in the AHL but the Flames need someone who can score so maybe he gets an extended look in training camp.

Injury Updates   

Markov Andrei Markov took a (clean) hit from Matt Cooke and went down awkwardly... official word is he has a LBI and will be re-evaluated today but he left the building on crutches so it looks pretty serious.

Jordan Staal got tangled up with PK Subban and seemed to hurt his ankle, he sat out the rest of the game and also left the Igloo on crutches.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Just a random collection of things:

- JoePa is going nuts in the playoffs... we think it's about time you ordered a 'The Big Pavelski' t-shirt. (Stick tap to Stoeten)

- The hardest hits of the season in photographic phorm, we mean form.

- Taylor Hall scores the game winner.... and here come the pretzels boxes of macaroni and cheese.  Stay classy, Colts fans.

- Brooks Laich is a good guy.  After Game 7 he stopped and helped some Cap fans with a flat tire.  Too late for good karma Brooksie!  Check out the Kurtenblog for their hilarious thoughts on Laich and more.

- Sweet picture of a 19-year-old Mario from the SI Vault that we picked up over on Deadspin:

Will Ferrell in an elf costume playing hockey... you don't see that every day.  No idea why that scene didn't make the final cut of Elf(thanks to STLGT)

- some great photoshopping by Fear the Fin, (thanks to STLGT, again)

- Ovie in cartoon form.  Classic.

- Current movie out called The Losers.  Washington completes one of the biggest chokes in history.  Bloge Salming does the math, with hilarious results: