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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 20th, 2010

Dosage Express
Light menu today... Some memorial cup news... Markov and Sturm go under the knife... a random collection of distractions

Daily Diarrhea   

No NHL games, No World Championship games... come on, not cool!

At least we have a Memorial Cup game which saw the Calgary Hitmen beat up on the Brandon Wheat Kings 5-1. 

Wild draft pick Kris Foucault and possible future Thrasher Jimmy Bubnick both had four pointers for the Hitmen.  Neither are what you would call big time prospects.  Martin Jones was also excellent between the pipes for Calgary as he stopped 39 of 40 saves.  He's owned by Los Angeles, so he's far down the depth charts.

Brandon's big star, 2009 #5 pick Brayden Schenn, was held pointless last night and is without a goal all week.

Ritola,mattias Detroit signed forward Mattias Ritola to a three year deal.  He was a 4th round pick in 2005 and will likely end up on the third line.  He had some so-so AHL years (.64 and .58 ppg last two years) but he has some upside.  His fantasy impact is minimal.

Injury Updates   

Andrei Markov underwent surgery to repair his torn ACL yesterday.  So now Habs fans can stop getting their hopes up about a Markov return.  He'll be out six months which means he'll miss the beginning of the season... which also means PK Subban will probably be handed the keys to the PP early on. 

Marco Sturm
also went under the knife to repair his injured MCL/ACL.  He too, will be out six months. 

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Kurtenblog take a close (and entertaining) look at five teams who are in massive cap trouble.  Sucks to have a craptastic team with no hope for the future... yeah we're looking in your direction Florida and Calgary.

- Stan Mikita with some choice words on shaking hands after the Stanley Cup, thanks to Greastest Hockey Legends.

- Did you hear the garbage coming out of Szymon Szemberg's mouthBehind The Net has a great response to that nonsense. 

- The Top 10 Career World Championship scorers... unless you are a big time european hockey fan you won't recognize many names.

- Another great post from DGB.. this time 'Why are the Ottawa Senators losing money?'  Our favourite: "[They are] stuck paying Jonathan Cheechoo's $3.5 million annual salary, which over the course of the entire season worked out to $7 million per goal."

- Geno Malkin gets robbed by Petri Vehanen... and by robbed we mean Geno shot the puck into the one spot he shouldn't have: