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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 25th, 2010

Dosage Express

Captian Philly comes up big... Carter's hits the board... Gomez and Gionta look good in loss... A-Tits flames out... Hudler makes it official... the worlds most awesome gif

Daily Diarrhea   

Mike Richards
was a force in game three as he went +3 with a 1+2=3 including a goal of the highlight variety.  That's 21 points in 17 games this post season.  He's good.

Carter,jeffComeback kid Jeff Carter picked up two goals (one empty netter) and a +2 in his second game back from injury.  Most encouraging was the 17 minutes he played.  Looks like he'll be good to go for the finals.

Compared to Michael Leighton's series (three shutouts) his 25 save/27 shot performance last night looks a bit disappointing.  We're sure Flyer fans aren't too saddened though.

Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta had the best lines on the Habs as they both picked up 1+1=2.  Gomez finishes with 2+12=14 and Gionta's final tally was 9+6=15 in 19 games.

Kostitsyn,andreiWe told you the other day about how stinky Tomas Plekanec has been.  We don't want to leave out Andrei Kostitsyn.  AK-46 hasn't scored a goal (and only has three points) since his 3+1=4 night in Game 2 against the Capitals.  Ouch.

Jiri Hudler and the Wings made it official as he signed a two year $5.75 million deal yesterday. 

Injury Updates   

We had a bit of a go at Dany Heatley for his lack of scoring in the playoffs yesterday.  Now we're getting word he was battling through a groin injury.  Sorry Dany, we take it back.

Brian Boucher was on the ice practicing again.  He's hoping to be ready to go for the Stanley Cup Finals.  With Michael Leighton's play of late he'll be riding the pine if he does make it back.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Down Goes Brown gives the DGB treatment to NHL referees.  Our favourite: "The league will no longer cut costs on uniforms by only hiring officials who are already employees of Foot Locker."

- The US of A plummets to 6th in the World Rankings after their performance at the World's.  Don't worry Mexico fans your team sticks at 32nd. 

- It's Punday over that the The Royal Half.  We love Punday. 

- Crazy awesome gif we saw over on Hockey Independent:

We hate to perpetuate the stereotype of the typical Philly fan but... it's really tough not too when they keep doing things like this: