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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 27th, 2010

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Dosage Express

Another look back: Riskiest Breakout Candidates... Boucher back on the bench... A Super Mario hot wheel

Daily Diarrhea   

We'll continue with our recent trend of looking back at some of our old lists.  Yesterday we looked at our Top 10 Breakout Picks... today we'll be looking at our Top 10 Riskiest Breakout Candidates.  We didn't post this list but it was available as part of our Breakout Bible

These are guys we weren't too impressed with... even though some of our competition was.  We were essentially recommending you avoid these guys.  Let's see if our advice was any good.

Lepisto,sami #10 Sami Lepisto – What we said: "We actually picked him to breakout this year but we can’t confirm if he’s even re-signed with Phoenix (was traded this summer from Washington). If he is signed then will he make the team?"
He had some scoring success as an AHL rookie (45 poinrs in 55 games) but took a step back in his 2nd pro season.  We we were unsure about him making the team... but he did.  He played 66 games and picked up only 11 points. 

#9 Mikael Backlund – What we said: "A long shot to make the Flames as it is, we’re not as impressed as others are with his little stint in the WHL last year as he flamed out in Sweden."
The junior season (30 points in 28 games) we mentioned above was promising but we needed to see more from Backlund to recommend him.  You know he didn't have the stuff when he couldn't even stick with the Flames... a team desperate for offensive help all season.  He ended up playing 23 games and scored only 10 points. 

#8 Eric Tangradi – What we said: "People aren’t expecting too much this year but we’re even skeptical as to how much potential he has down the road… his numbers in junior don’t blow us away."
Pittsburgh's best prospect gets a lot of press because of the potential of lining up alongside Crosby and/or Malkin.  That's a fair point but if he'll need to be talented enough to land on a scoring line job when he makes the NHL.  We're not convinced he has kind of role in him.  Played one game with the Pens and scored only 39 points in 65 AHL games.  He's being pegged by some to start next year in Pittsburgh... but likely on the fourth line.

Stoa,ryan#7 Ryan Stoa – What we said: "Had a big Senior season last year in college but wasn’t that impressive prior to that, so we’re not believing the hype that others are selling on this Avs prospect."
He was one of the big breakout picks of one particular fantasy site but we hope you didn't listen to them.  He played 12 games with the Avs but put up only three points.  His first season in the AHL (40 points in 54) wasn't outstanding either.

#6 James van Riemsdyk – What we said: "We wouldn’t avoid him in a keeper league but based on the fact that his progress slowed considerably last year, we think expectations should be tempered this year."
Remember how much hype there was around JVR to start the season?  We guess being a second overall pick can do that.  We didn't think he would be able to make the jump to the NHL as easily as some were predicting.  He didn't blow the doors off but his 35 points in 78 games is nothing to sneeze at.

#5 Ian White – What we said: "26 points last year but with all the Leafs additions we’re not sure if he’ll even make the team this year… pass and let somebody else deal with it."
Finished the year with a surprising 38 points.  In our defense, we figured the 5' 10" White would lose out in playing time to Burke's collection of truculence.  Little did we know how badly they would all suck.

Hillen,jack#4 Jack Hillen – What we said: "Had one big year in college (out of four), that’s it… we’re not impressed."
After 40 games and six points in 2008-09 and the so-so college numbers we mentioned we just didn't see what others were talking about.  Plus he plays on the Islanders.  He scored 21 points in 69 games which is okay... but not a breakout.

#3 Brian Lee – What we said: "May be a serviceable dman and put up some points but offers pretty much nothing other than assists to fantasy GMs and has proven to be vastly overrated."
Drafted 9th overall gets a lot of attention.  We, however, like to look at the numbers... and Lee's have never been very good.  He played 23 games and scored three points. 

#2 Martin Hanzal – What we said: "He’s got talent but is also injury prone and offers little in the way of fantasy hockey substance."
We really want Hanzal to be good so we can link to this clip more often.  He had his third straight 30 point season with 33 last season.  Former 1st round pick... we're officially ready to call this guy a bust.

Gilroy,matt#1 Matt Gilroy – What we said: "His big Senior season at BU (37 points in 45 games) was his only big one and he did it as a 24-year old, a good five or six year older than most the guys he was playing against."
With no PP QB to start the season many were picking Gilroy to grab the job for the Rangers (Michael Del Zotto eventually did) and run with it to a breakout season.  He picked out 15 points in 69 games instead.

Injury Updates   

It's sounding like Brian Boucher will be coming back for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  He'll be backing up, so unless something surprising happens he won't be of any use to fantasy players out there.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Cool post from Die By The Blade... uncovering the average size of each club.  The biggest team out there?  The Capitals at 6' 2".  The smallest?  The Red Wings at 6' 0".  Also, check out the range of sizes on the Sabres.  Do you think Lil' Nate Gerbe gets picked on?

- Have an extra $200,000+ ground kicking around?  Maybe you'd like to own a piece of hockey history.

- Puck Daddy takes a closer look at the Playoff Beards we'll be seeing the finals.  We're loving the Leino.

- A Mario Lemieux Hot Wheel.  Awesome at 1/64th of actual size.


- Finally, it's a song from the indie band The Boils.  This has been all over the blogosphere so you might have seen it.  But it's surprisingly good for a fan song so we figure it was worth a post: