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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 2nd, 2010

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Dosage Express
Bruins turn to Satan... watching Wideman & Boychuk... nervous Niemi... Savard with decent return... Staal & Markov out a while... more gold from Parksy   

Daily Diarrhea   

Satan Miroslav Satan might be gunning for our next John Druce Award as he's getting a lot of praise right now for a guy who had 14 points (in 38 games) during the regular season.  With another goal & assist yesterday he has 3+3=6 in his last four games and is tied for the team lead in playoff points with seven.

Dennis Wideman also has seven points for the Bruins as he had three assists yesterday and 1+6=7 in his last five games.  Going back to the end of the regular season, he's had 3+12=15 in his last 17 games, a nice finish to a season where his production dropped to 30 points from 50 last year.

Another dman from Boston that we've got our eyes on is Johnny Boychuk as he putting up some modest numbers (1+3=4 in seven playoff games) but the real positive sign is that he's logging a ton of ice-time, around 25 minutes most nights in the playoffs and all the way up to 33 including the OT yesterday.  He was AHL dman of the year last season with 20+45=65 in 78 games so there's some potential here.

Briere Danny Briere is stepping up for Philly in the absence of Carter & Gagne as he had his third straight multi-point game yesterday and is 3+4=7 with five PPP in those three games.

Antti Niemi admitted that he was nervous going into game #1 versus the Canucks and it showed (although he can't really take all the blame) as he gave up five goals on 25 shots before being pulled after two periods.  Cristobal Huet came in and mopped up stopping all three shots he faced but we'd expect the Hawks to go back to Niemi in game #2.

Injury Updates   

Savard The Bruins welcomed Marc Savard back in to the lineup and while they eased him back in Savvy was feeling good enough by OT to fire home the game-winner to cap a storybook return... good for him.

The word on the injuries from the Habs-Penguins series is not good... Jordan Staal has a cut tendon in his foot that will probably keep him out for the rest of the series (maybe longer) and Andrei Markov is out indefinitely with what is thought to be a knee injury... we wouldn't count on seeing him back anytime soon.

Marco Sturm left yesterday's game and has now been ruled out for the rest of the playoffs with a leg injury... not a huge loss as the dude had been invisible anyway.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

Hockey Independant put together a clever little piece of satire poking fun at tubby puckheads like Wellwood, Brodeur, Tkachuk, etc.  Good stuff.  The only thing that could make it better is if a MSM site like MSNBC didn't see the satire part of the story.  I hope somebody got fired over that.

We've made fun of Parksy before, but our 'friend' is up to his old tricks... by tricks, we mean producing bad videos. 

We were going to post this video (hat tip to P Diddy) which is atrocious on several levels.  Like for example, that's Parksy pretending to be a Hawk fan but wearing a NYY hat.  Nice work buddy. 

As bad as that video was we found a video of Parksy's that lowers the bar even further.  It's a month old so you might have seen it but it's so much worse.  You almost feel bad for the guy.