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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 3rd, 2010

Dosage Express
Halak averages 44 shots a win... Cammo the other hero for habs... JoePa incredible... Fleury gives up 3+ in five straight... shark v octopus, who ya got?   

Daily Diarrhea   

Halak Jaroslav Halak did what he does in the playoffs, absorb a ton of shots (30 over the last two periods & 39 in total) but he only allowed one goal and evened the series for the Habs... he's faced an incredible 44 shots a game in Montreal's five playoff wins so far.

The other hero for the Habs in these playoffs has been Mike Cammalleri as he potted two more goals yesterday and sits second in playoff goals with eight in nine games.  This is a clutch performance from Cammo as he hadn't scored in his last 12 regular season games coming into the playoffs.

We'll mention PK Subban again as he added another assist yesterday and has 1+4=5 in his first six NHL games... he also played over 23 minutes yesterday.

Pavelski The Legend of Joe Pavelski continues to grow (we're going to keep using that line until he calms down), he had his third straight game with 2+1=3 and that gives him 7+4=11 in his last five games.  Dude also had 11 shots on goals last night... awesome... and sits in 2nd place in playoff scoring behind only Sidney Crosby.

MA Fleury was beat for three goals on 21 shots yesterday and he is not giving the Penguins the goaltending that they need in these playoffs as he's now given up three or more goals in his last five games and six of eight playoff games overall.  His averages for the playoffs sit at a pretty ugly 2.80 & .889, a far cry from the 2.31 & .920 that he posted over the last two playoffs combined.

Brouwer Troy Brouwer is guy we've been watching in these playoffs as we've got to make a decision as to whether he's worth keeping in one of our leagues and he's just not showing us much in these playoffs.  No points to show for seven games so far, he's been bumped off the top lines and has seen less than 10 minutes of ice-time in four of seven playoff games.  He's shown goal scoring potential with 22 this year, 41 in his first pro season in the AHL and 49 in his final year of junior but we're thinking that he's going to one of these underachieving types that can only really shine if paired with great linemates.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Bloody Red Wings losing to the Sharks, that's what!  Down two games to none, things aren't looking good for the Red Wings, This Scout has a good feeling about what's going to happen in Detroit... namely this:

If seeing a shark die at the hands of an octopus isn't entertaining enough for you check out this video from OttawaGh0st featuring The Boss and the Golden Boy: