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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 6th, 2010

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Dosage Express
Dusty-storm in Van-city... Satan channels inner-Kontos... Rask amazes, Boucher atrocious... Markstrom staying... Krejci done?... the Spezza Chant   

Daily Diarrhea   

Byfuglien It was the Dusty Byfuglien show in Vancouver last night as he put up his first points of the post-season, three of them actually, three goals to be more specific... crazy.  Dude really needs to bring a consistent effort cause he has the talent & size but seems to lack the drive.  He's only really a valuable player in most leagues if he still has D eligibility.

Troy Brouwer was a healthy scratch for the Hawks, he's been dealing with the fact that his Dad is in the hospital, so we'll cut him some slack and wish his pops well.

Miroslav Satan scored again last night for the fourth game in a row and he has 5+4=9 in his last six games... this is turning into a real Kontos/Druce-like performance as nobody could have seen this coming.  We'll see if he can keep it going with his Cman (see below).

Tuukka Rask continued his hot streak as he stopped 34 of 35 shots last night to win his fourth in a row and his playoff numbers (2.18 & .928) are starting to creep towards his amazing regular season numbers (1.97 & .931).

Boucher At the other end of the ice, Brian Boucher could only handle 16 of the 19 shots he faced and the luck may be running out for the Flyers third stringer as he has a 3.49 gaa & .880 sv% against the Bruins... who, btw, were the league's worst offensive team during the regular season.

Rumour has Olli Jokinen close to signing to play in the KHL next year, which his agent has denied.  Not sure people will be too heart broken if he goes but we'll wait for the official word before we right him off.

It was thought that the Panthers wanted to bring top goalie prospect Jacob Markstrom over to North America for next season but he's signed an extension to stay in Sweden for at least one more season... so keeper league GMs will have to be patient... but it'll be worth it as he looks like a good one.

As per usual, the Flyers are throwing a lot of darts at goalies, hoping to hit a good one... the latest is undrafted 21-year old Russian Sergei Bobrovsky, who the Flyers signed to an entry level deal.  He's been a starter in the KHL for the past two years for Novokuznetsk and has performed well with .927 & .919 sv%'s.  He'll likely spend most of next season in the minors, as the Flyers did with Swede Johan Backlund this year, so we can all watch and see how his transition to North American hockey goes.

Injury Updates   

Krejci David Krejci left last night's game after taking a (clean) hit from Mike Richards and depending on who you believe he has a broken wrist/sore shoulder/concussion or some combination of those.  A few places are saying broken wrist and that he's done for the season... ouch.

Jordan Staal has been back skating only a few days after having surgery to repair a tendon in his foot... so he could be back sooner than anticipated.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Lots of little things... let's jump right in.

- You obviously like fantasy sports since you're reading this.  You probably like gambling too.  Well if so, you might want to try some 'Instant Fantasy Sports'.  Pick a team of players... go head 2 head or enter a league.  Everything is over in 24 hours.  We checked out FanDuel and it looks interesting but we haven't put any hard earned cash down... yet.

- Toronto Maple Leafs with Stanley Cup.  Does... not... compute.  Sometimes we forget how long ago it was.  Which group do you think is larger?  Leafs fans that were alive in '67 or Leaf fans that have never witnessed blue, white and silver in the same picture.  Young Leafs fans in particular might want to check out this great little video from  (via KK)

- We think the Jerk Power Rankings need to be expanded and become a regular feature on Blue Chip Prospects.  Love that Kane made the list... there's just something about that little weasel that drives this Scout nuts.

- The Big LeBrunski picks five unsung d-men in the NHL playoffs... one guy we've been pumping up a lot makes the list.  Johnny Boychuk is definitely one to keep in mind for next year for those of you in deeper leagues.

- Holy crap, according to Puck the Media, Versus beat ESPN in the 'adult 25-54' demographic this week.  No word if sport hunting or the NHL is the reason for the big Versus numbers.

- According to The Universal Cynic, only eight teams haven't made it to the Conference Finals since 1994.  This year two teams could come off that list. 

- The Hockey Program presents the five worst hockey mashups in history.  So painful... especially The Malkin Mash.

- Speaking of bad songs... we stumbled across this today.  Thank god the Sens lost, because we don't think we could handle The Jason Spezza Chant catching on: