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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 7th, 2010

Dosage Express
Franzen fricken fantastic... Bert along for ride... Crosby contained... Fleury given up 3+ in 7 of 10... Kostitsyn scratched from practice... Staal returns... Pernell Karl goes bold   

Daily Diarrhea   

Franzen We mentioned the other day that Johan Franzen was saying that he's not 100%... well we don't want to call him a liar but friggin four goals and six points last night means he must be feeling a little better.  He was originally credited with a fifth goal but it was later changed to Bertuzzi's goal & Franzen's assist.  Quite a performance, something this scout won't forget for a while but it will lose some of its luster if the Wings lose this series next game.

Kinda lost in all the Franzen-frenzy was the five-spot dropped by Todd Bertuzzi last night... not bad for a guy who had one point in his last six games coming in and has been more noticeable for taking his customary stupid penalties this series.

The Wings chased Evgeni Nabokov from the net as he only stopped four of the nine shots he faced in the first period and he must have Franzen in a playoff pool or something.  He's given up at least three goals in each game of this series and now sports a .857 sv% over the first four games... that's a little concerning if I'm the Sharks.

I think it goes without mentioning that Jaroslav Halak was huge last night for the Habs, stopping 33 in a row after giving up goals on the first two shots he faced... not bad from a 9th round pick.

Crosby Sidney Crosby was held goalless by the Habs again last night, that's four games in a row and even though he had five shots last night he only has eight in the series.  He did manage to hit the scoresheet with an assist and has three of those in the series but the Habs have done a great job of containing him and Geno, who only has 1+1=2 in the series.

MA Fleury gave up three goals on 25 shots and has now given up three or more goals in seven of 10 playoff games and has a .896 sv% in the post-season.

Things are so bad for Sergei Kostitsyn these days that he's basically being scratched from practice and told to hang out in the gym.  Although this has been said a few times before, he's likely played his last game for the Habs and last game in the NHL, for a while, at least.

World Championships start today, we'll have a bunch more on that, including some players to keep an eye on, over the next few days.

Injury Updates   

Jordan Staal returned to action last night less than a week after having foot surgery to repair a sliced tendon... wow, dude is crazy.  

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- Yeah, it's not really our style... but here's a heart warming story on Marc Savard.  Hard not to like Savard a bit more after reading that.  Check out the comments for a few other feel good stories.

- TSN's Ten Worst Playoff Goals from the always fantastic Daywalk3r's YouTube Channel.

- Alex Ovechkin and a sheep.  Ummm, we've got nothing to add.

- Trick your friends with some obscure hockey trivia: Which hockey game has the highest attendance in history?  Hint it's happening today.

- An Elliotte Friedman interview with Pernell Karl with a big time prediction from the rookie
(thanks to Puck Daddy)