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2010 NHL Mock Draft

Bettman5 The countdown is on to tonight's NHL entry draft and since we've already given you the Consolidated Draft Rankings and our Draft Rankings from a Fantasy Perspective, now its time for us to make our selections and give you the Fantasy Hockey Scouts 2010 NHL Mock Draft.  Below we make a mockery of mock selections which are mostly based on who we think the teams will select looking at the team's needs and reviewing their draft history with a little of what we would do if we were in each of the GM's shoes thrown in for good measure... add in a splash of alcohol and here's what we came up with.

We weren't too bad with our picks last year, take a look... 2009 NHL Mock Draft.

Pick Team Needs/Tendencies
#1   Edmonton Oilers   Could use a Dman/goalie but will settle for superstar forward
Ideally… They'd know which one of these guys was going to be better
Considered Hall & Seguin
Selection   Tough choice, but the safe choice… Taylor Hall
#2   Boston Bruins   A scoring forward who can step in right away
Ideally… Edmonton would do them a favour and pass on Hall
Considered Seguin
Selection   A very nice consolation prize… Tyler Seguin
#3   Florida Panthers   Dale Tallon needs a few of everything
Ideally… They could have swung a deal with Boston to move up one spot
Considered Fowler, Gudbranson & Gormley
Selection   Tallon goes for the guy with the most skill… Cam Fowler
#4   Columbus B-Jackets   Offensive Dman… they've needed one for eternity
Ideally… Fowler would drop to them
Considered Trading the pick for immediate help, Gudbranson & Gormley
Selection   If they hold on to the pick, we'd bet they go with Brandon Gormley
#5   New York Islanders   The most pressing need is a new arena… still
Ideally… GM Garth Snow will look to trade down and still get his guy
Considered Gudbranson, Connolly & Burmistrov
Selection   Could use size & toughness of Erik Gudbranson
#6   Tampa Bay Lightning   Stevie Y's first pick as a GM and he has a lot of holes to fill
Ideally… They'll take a forward who's a long-term fit with Stamkos
Considered Connolly, Burmistrov & Niederreiter
Selection   A big body would look nice with Stamkos… Nino Niederreiter
#7   Carolina Hurricanes   They tend to select F's early, typically from the CHL
Ideally… They would have tanked so Karmanos would get Seguin
Considered Connolly, Johansen & Watson
Selection   Rutherford goes back to the WHL well… Brett Connolly
#8   Atlanta Thrashers   D is a weakness but offensive talent is hard to ignore
Ideally… One of the top 3 Dmen would fall to them
Considered Forbort, Johansen, Burmistrov & Tarasenko
Selection   A stretch but we see them taking chance on a Russian… Alexander Burmistrov
#9   Minnesota Wild   Need talent, doesn't matter what position
Ideally… The player they like is an in-State HS player, helps with PR
Considered Forbort, Bjugstad & Granlund
Selection   Small but one of the most dynamic offensive players in the draft… Mikael Granlund
#10   New York Rangers   They tend to go for size or busts... or both
Ideally… They replace Cherepanov with another highly skilled player
Considered Tarasenko, Forbort & Johansen
Selection   One team that has no qualms about taking Russians… Vladimir Tarasenko
#11   Dallas Stars   Need Dmen like it's nobody's business
Ideally… Will be watching and hoping that Forbort falls to them
Considered Forbort, Pysyk, Merrill & Campbell
Selection   They get their guy… Derek Forbort
#12   Anaheim Ducks   Skilled F, they typically look for size and character
Ideally… The Russians will go top 10 and some size will fall to them at #12
Considered Johansen, Watson, Bjugstad, Skinner & Etem
Selection   Lots of decent options here but this one fits the best… Ryan Johansen
#13   Phoenix Coyotes   Maloney's stocking the cupboards and he's missing a goalie
Ideally… Nobody steps out of line ahead of them and takes the one potential stud goalie
Considered Campbell, Bjugstad & Watson
Selection   Not afraid to go "off the board" a little… Jack Campbell
#14   St.Louis Blues   They've loaded up on D lately so a F would make sense
Ideally… Having just dealt their top F prospect (Eller), they'll find someone to replace him
Considered Bjugstad, Skinner & Watson
Selection   They're willing to take on a long-term project… Nick Bjugstad
#15   Florida Panthers   Look for firepower up-front after taking Dman at #3
Ideally… Hoping that Skinner falls this far but would take Bjugstad as a consolation prize
Considered Skinner, Etem & Watson
Selection   One of the top snipers in the draft… Jeff Skinner
#16   Ottawa Senators   Could use a skilled forward, have a thing for Europeans
Ideally… They'd get a player who doesn't immediately want to be traded
Considered Etem, Watson & Kuznetsov
Selection   The speedy sniper fills the net and fills a need… Emerson Etem
#17   Colorado Avalanche   They like NCAA players & have avoided Europeans lately
Ideally… They'd prefer a forward but will really just take the best player available
Considered Watson, Pysyk, Howden, Merrill & Sheahan
Selection   Can't pass up taking a guy they thought would be gone… Austin Watson
#18   Nashville Predators   Stacked with D so looking for talented F
Ideally… They'd add some scoring so probably hoping Skinner or Etem would drop
Considered Sheahan, Howden & Schwartz
Selection   They like the US college players… Riley Sheahan
#19   LA Kings   Pretty stacked at all positions
Ideally… With the draft in LA, they'll look to make a splash
Considered Trading up, Howden, Bennett, McFarland & Schwartz
Selection   Not afraid to reach, they take the local kid… Beau Bennett
#20   Pittsburgh Penguins   Trades & bad picks have left their talent pool pretty dry
Ideally… They need some wingers to play with Crosby & Malkin… immediately
Considered Howden, Pysyk, Merrill & Kuznetsov
Selection   Not what they were after but happy to have the big defender… Jon Merrill
#21   Detroit Red Wings   Skilled F or D and they definitely lean towards the Euros
Ideally… They do just fine picking later so a pick this early is a bonus
Considered Pysyk, McIlrath, Howden & Kuznetsov
Selection   Smart Dman with good wheels, sounds like a Red Wing… Mark Pysyk
#22   Phoenix Coyotes   Have prefered forwards lately with early picks
Ideally… Already have skilled forwards, need a little size
Considered Howden, Pitlick, Coyle, Nelson & Kuznetsov
Selection   They'd like to make a splash but here they go with the safe pick… Quinton Howden
#23   Buffalo Sabres   Need size and do like NCAA players
Ideally… Will have eye on Riley Sheahan, hoping he drops
Considered Pitlick, Nelson, McIlrath & Tinordi
Selection   Can't resist adding some serious toughness on the back end… Dylan McIlrath
#24   Chicago Blackhawks   Prefer NA, especially NCAA
Ideally… Thinking long-term, can't afford the short-term
Considered Nelson, Pitlick, Coyle & Schwartz
Selection   Would be happy to wait for NCAA-bound player… Jaden Schwartz
#25   Vancouver Canucks   Tough Dman with character
Ideally… McIlrath may have been in their sights
Considered Tinordi, Petrovic & Pitlick
Selection   Perfect fit for what they're looking for… Jarred Tinordi
#26   Washington Capitals   Physical D or F... they tend to favour Swe, Rus & size
Ideally… Wouldn't put it past them to move up and grab Tarasenko
Considered Kuznetsov, Galiev, Nelson, Pitlick & Rensfeldt
Selection   No "Russian Factor" with Caps and he'll be hard to pass on… Evgeny Kuznetsov
#27   Montreal Canadiens   Need size, prefer NCAA or Euro over CHL players
Ideally… Someone who meets their needs & is French-Canadian
Considered Pitlick, Nelson, Coyle & Rensfeldt
Selection   Not French but they get size & a college kid… Brock Nelson
#28   San Jose Sharks   They don't discriminate but like Germans & Ottawa 67's
Ideally… Their prospect pool is pretty dry so they'll take what they can get
Considered Pitlick, Coyle, McFarland & Toffoli
Selection   There are issues but he is a talent… John McFarland
#29   Anaheim Ducks   Could use a Dman, they typically look for size and character
Ideally… This is their fourth 1st round pick in the past two years… so this is just gravy
Considered Pitlick, Coyle, Petrovic, Rensfeldt & Pickard
Selection   Seems like the right time to grab a big Dman… Alex Petrovic
#30   Chicago Blackhawks   Have a need in the system for Dmen
Ideally… Might look to trade down as they'll be more Dmen available in the 2nd
Considered Pitlick, Coyle, Rensfeldt & Pickard
Selection   If they keep it then they go for another NCAA-bound kid… Charlie Coyle