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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 8th, 2010

Dosage Express
Boucher to the Bolts: sweet... Arniel to BJs: not so much... Bertuzzi & Whitney news... nothing sweeter than a road hockey road trip... Scott Oake & Vince Vaughn are pals   

Daily Diarrhea   

Tampa Bay Guy Boucher turned down the CBJs head coaching job yesterday but he wasn't looking for much longer as he will reportedly become the Lightning head coach very soon.  This looks like a good fit, as we mentioned the other day, Boucher's proven to be an offensive minded coach (Hamilton was 3rd in GF this season & Drummondville was 1st the season before) and the Bolts already have some offensive talent.  He's no slouch defensively either (1st in AHL in gaa this year) so he should be able to help out whoever they throw between the pipes as well... this is good news for fantasy GMs who own TB players.

On the other hand, the CBJs turned around after getting rejected by Boucher and gave their job to Scott Arniel.  Arniel was the head coach for Manitoba for the past four seasons and while he had some success (they made the playoffs all four years), it wasn't really due to his offensive flair... his team's finished 26th, 9th, 12th & 14th in scoring over his four years in the AHL.  His calling card is defensive hockey as the Moose were 16th, 1st, 3rd & 3rd in gaa over his four years.  In addition, has he really worked magic with any of the Canucks young prospects?  If I'm a fantasy GM who owns CBJs players, I'm not really thrilled about this one, especially since they were close to getting Boucher.

Bertuzzi_Detroit The Wings have made an offer to Todd Bertuzzi to bring him back for two more years... not sure what they're thinking there.  Bert did manage to stay healthy last season but could only muster 44 points and hasn't had more than that since 2005-06. 

Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford doesn't sound optimistic that he'll be able to sign Ray Whitney, so he looks to be heading to UFA... he should set his alarm for early on July 1st as he's sure to be a hot commodity.  We'll wait to see where he ends up before discussing the ramifications but if he ends up somewhere like Pittsburgh (unlikely), then look out.

The Hershey Bears took game #3 of the Calder Cup Finals last night, with a resounding 6-3 road victory, to make it a 2-1 series lead for Texas.  Andrew Gordon had two goals and was the first star... this is a guy who we've had our eye on and we think could still get a shot with the Caps at some point as he's only 24 and has been on a tear this year with 50 goals in the regular season & playoffs combined... he's 2nd, behind Jamie Benn (14), with 13 playoff goals in only 14 games.

Brodeur_Richard Got an email the other day from the fine folks over at the Canucks Hockey Blog, specifically Richard Loat, and he's organizing an amazing cross Canada road hockey tour to raise food for local food banks...  awesome idea, awesome cause, I told him we'd be glad to help out in anyway.  The tour is called Five Hole for Food (check out the site) and it really seems to be gathering steam as they signed up sponsors like Molson & Boston Pizza and "King" Richard Brodeur is onboard.  Hell, I may need to bring some of my old shaved-down road hockey sticks out of retirement for his one!  So check out the site, mark down the date when its rolling through your neck of the woods and get out and support the tour and your food bank.

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- The 700 Level with photographic evidence of Conan O'Brien sporting a Flyers jersey at a recent show... ho hum, I think there's a picture like this from every city on his tour... I'll only be impressed if it turns out he's rockin a Pelle Lindbergh jersey.

- Puck Daddy with the story of the Flyers fan (actually he's more of an Eagles fan) and his Indian Head (which is really more of a prop when the Redskins come to town).  Question for thee... how SOL would this dude have been if the Sharks beat the Hawks in the Semi's?

- This scout lived through the Dino Ciccarelli era and Ville Leino is no Dino... but according to Greatest Hockey Legends, he may own one of his records before its all over.

- The CBC's Scott Oake catches up with Vince Vaughn during game #5 and they both get their shots in as Oake seems to insinuate that Vaughn is a bandwagon-jumper and then Double V gives him the old, "See ya, pal" at the end...