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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - June 9th, 2010

Dosage Express
Peter plays 'Guess that Goalie' with the media... Blues & Mason talking... Arniel loves talent, Filatov has some... Barry splits from Kabanov... pay $900 to be killed by Wendel   

Daily Diarrhea   

Leighton Peter Laviolette seems to be enjoying the mind games he thinks he's playing with the media as he wouldn't name his starting goalie for game #6 but said that the goalie that he's thinking of has the "best numbers in the playoffs"... so unless he's thinking back to 1987 & Ron Hextall, then I guess he's referring to Mike Leighton and his league leading 2.34 gaa.

The Blues have opened contract negotiations with UFA goalie Chris Mason... good move as Mason has been very solid for them with a 2.47 gaa & .915 sv% over his two years in St.Louis.  This scout thinks he's an underrated goalie and one of these days the Blues are going to start putting all their talent together and have the makings of a powerhouse team, so gambling on Mason is not a bad bet.

Filatov New CBJs coach Scott Arniel is saying the right things about Nikita Filatov, in fact, his first words about the Russian were "You know what? I love those kind of talents".  Aaron Portzline also reports that CBJs development coach Tyler Wright is going to Russia soon to spend five days with Filatov.  So it sounds like they're doing what they can to get Filatov back in the fold and Nikki has to see this as a positive as it can't be any worse than dealing with Hitchcock. [more]

From one moody Russian to another... it was seen as a real positive move recently when Kirill Kabanov signed on with agent JP Barry in an effort to stop his draft stock from tumbling like BPs... but that didn't last long as Barry has dropped the Russian saying that "it wasn't a good fit" (aka "that dude is whack").  We've been saying that no matter where he gets drafted, a team is going to get a real steal with this guy but we're starting to wonder, like everyone else, if this guy can get along with anybody for longer than five minutes?... let alone a full season or two. [more]

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today? 

- The 700 Level (which is becoming a must-read during the Flyers run) with an instructional video of How To Flyer-Customize Your Mom's Car... which is very practical as I'm doubting many Flyers fans own their own cars & most likely still live with their parents.

- Pension Plan Puppets with the story of how you and some buddies can play hockey with Wendel Clark at his personal indoor rink in his backyard for only $900 each... check your life insurance policy exclusions before signing up as it would be a shame if you weren't covered for "death by wristshot".  Of course, no discussion of Wendel would be complete without a viewing of the All Heart tribute video...